Hunter King Working On Trying To Make Hallmark Movie With Sister Joey King

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Hunter King is starring in the upcoming Passport To Love movie Two Scoops Of Italy. Her co-star is the gorgeous Italian star Michele Rosiello. However, her Hallmark movie dream co-star is none other than her younger sister Joey King. Recently, The Young and The Restless alum discussed how she is working on trying to make this happen.

Here is what she said.

Photo: Hunter King, Credit: ©2024 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Moris Puccio
Photo: Hunter King, Credit: ©2024 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Moris Puccio

Hunter King Wants to Work with Sister Joey King In A Hallmark Movie

Recently, US Magazine spoke to Hunter King about the possibility of working with her sister Joey King in a “joint Hallmark movie.” Hunter was thrilled at the idea. “It would be a dream.” She confirmed that the sisters have already been thinking about doing this. “We have talked about teaming up for something and trying to figure out what the perfect project is for the two of us.” She added that the sisters “talk about it all the time.”

The main reason is that they want to bring their “real-life dynamic” to the television screen. Therefore, “We wanna actually play sisters.” She added, “Because the one time that we worked together, we did not play sisters. We played, like, enemies.” They were in three episodes of Life In Pieces together.

They are six years apart in age, but both have huge resumes. However, what overlaps is both have done romcoms. Remembering what it was like working with her younger sister, Hunter shared “It was so much fun to get to work with her, so crossing your fingers that one day we can make it happen. But, we’re definitely trying.”


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Y&R Alum And Rhiannon Fish Starred As Sisters In Nikki & Nora Sister Sleuths

Although Hunter King hopes to play with her real-life sister Joey King in a movie, she currently stars in the Hallmark Mystery series Nikki & Nora Sister Sleuths along with Rhiannon Fish. They portray sisters Nikki and Nora Sullivan who inherit a detective agency.

Although the network has only made one of these movies, the network did something they rarely do. They had the two actresses do a chemistry test to see if they got along enough to portray two sisters. They instantly became good friends. That means that Hunter and Rhiannon were very convincing in portraying sisters.

Also, there were rumors that they would film a second movie in 2023, but the strikes allegedly delayed that. Hopefully, if this is true, this series will return.

Moreover, it would be fun if Hunter’s real-life sister was perhaps in one of the movies. Since they look a lot alike, it could make for a great mistaken identity mystery.

Photo: Hunter King, Rhiannon Fish Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Craig Minielly
Photo: Hunter King, Rhiannon Fish Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Craig Minielly

Hallmark fans, would you like Hunter King and her sister Joey King to star in a movie?

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