‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Sydney Errera Reveals Extreme Depression

Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Errera

Farmer Wants A Wife celeb Sydney Errera from Season 2 of the Fox show recently opened up to her many followers about her extreme depression. So, what did she have to say about it?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Errera Won Mitchell Kolinsky’s Heart In Season 2

As Farmer Wants A Wife fans saw in Season 2, Mitchell Kolinsky ended up choosing Sydney Errera as his final choice. After weeks of filming and getting to know several women on his farm, Mitchell and the other farmers had to narrow it down to a final choice in the end.

Ultimately, when it came right down to it, Mitchell chose Sydney Errera. Fans were not surprised, as they noted the chemistry between these two right out of the gate. However, just making it to the end and being picked by the farmer isn’t enough, as they still have to see if they can make an actual relationship work.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Mitchell Kolinsky - Sydney Errera
Farmer Wants A Wife: Mitchell Kolinsky – Sydney Errera

Sydney Errera Opens Up About Extreme Depression

Naturally, many fans want to know how things are going for Sydney and Mitchell since filming on the show wrapped. According to Sydney, she recently opened up about being extremely depressed. She went on to say that, due to filming the show, she missed deer season last season.

Missing out on this led to Sydney Errera feeling “extremely depressed.” In many cases, taking time to film a show like Farmer Wants A Wife means missing time at work, time with family, and more. In Sydney’s case, this led to her missing out on deer season, something she is very passionate about.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Errera
Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Errera/Instagram

Farmer Wants A Wife: Sydney Making Up For Lost Time?

Sydney Errera has made no secret of loving the outdoors, and everything that goes with that. This includes hunting, fishing, and more. This is one of the things that gave her the edge over a lot of the other participants in Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2.

Sydney recently told her followers that she hunts “hard” during the season. So, she was “sad” that she missed out on it the last time around.

From the looks of it, she is more than making up for lost time. Sydney told her fans that she is “excited.” This year, not only will she participate in hunting season, but, she will do it alongside Mitch. She even said that they would be filming videos to share with all of their followers. So, this is a win-win scenario for everyone.

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  1. I feel she might have missed Hunting Season, but LOOK what she gained, a handsome young Farmer.. I would say it was worth it…

  2. I knew from the start that she was the girl for Mitchell. I can’t wait to see what those two get up to together. I’m sorry she missed this deer season but another one is coming up soon. And they will get to share it together

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