‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Nathan Smothers Learns To Fly Plane For Taylor?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Nathan Smothers

Farmer Wants A Wife cast member Nathan Smothers recently showed off a brand-new skill that he is learning. Did he decide to take on this latest endeavor to bring him closer to his Season 2 match, Taylor BeDell?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Nathan Smothers Has Never Been Shy About His Ambition

As the youngest farmer from last season of Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2, Nathan Smothers certainly came in with a chip on his shoulder. He is used to older farmers in the industry counting him out. Many dismiss him as a young gun who still has a lot to learn.

Even within the context of Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2, many viewers said that, at just 23 years old, Nathan Smothers had no business trying to find a forever match. Many doubted that he was even that serious about the entire process. However, because Nathan thrives on proving his haters wrong, he used those doubts as fuel, and, ultimately, he chose Taylor BeDell in the end.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Nathan Smothers
Farmer Wants A Wife: Nathan Smothers/Instagram

Nathan Gives Relationship Update With Taylor BeDell

Particularly since Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 went off the air, viewers have been curious about whether or not Nathan Smothers and Taylor BeDell are still a couple. As any fans of reality television know, a lot can change between when a show films, when it airs, and everything in between.

Nathan Smothers recently confirmed that he and Taylor are still together, but, there’s a catch. According to the young farmer, Taylor is still currently living in Dallas. So, it seems they are making their relationship work long-distance for now.

Nathan Smothers added that Taylor plans to move to Florida by September. Until then, they make plans to see each other. As an example, Taylor will spend Fourth of July with Nathan in Florida.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Nathan Smothers
Farmer Wants A Wife: Nathan Smothers/YouTube

Farmer Wants A Wife: Nathan Learning New Skill To Bring Him Closer To Taylor?

According to recent updates from Nathan Smothers, he is learning to fly planes. The hunky farmer shared a short clip in the back of a small plane. Of course, someone with more experience was flying it. However, it looked like Nathan enjoyed the ride.

In addition to sharing a short clip on social media of him in the air, he also wrote the caption: “Day one of learning how to fly!! Such an awesome time!”


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With Nathan and Taylor currently maintaining their relationship long-distance until she eventually moves to Florida, some fans think Nathan is learning to fly as a way to bring them closer. On the other hand, Nathan is the type of guy to push limits and see what he is capable of. So, taking up flying seems to be something he would do. So far, he seems to be enjoying his lessons. Nathan doing this also gives Taylor another reason to be proud of her man.

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