‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Shames Player Over Ruthless Answer About Wife

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Family Feud host Steve Harvey has perfected his facial expressions and responses when facing player’s off-kilter answers. That happened again this week when a player gave an answer that could have put him in his wife’s doghouse.

Here is what the player said that caused Harvey to shame them over the ruthless answer.

Family Feud Player Leaves Steve Harvey Stunned

The questions and answers lately on Family Feud have been getting even riskier lately. When they aren’t full of controversial answers, they are worded just right to get some players to guess some very awkward things. This week, another question involved a man making a risky comment in front of his wife.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey

“Name something a husband lives in fear that his wife will ask him for,” Steve asked a player named Lee. The man said, “Man, she can’t have my phone.” The look on his wife’s face in the background was priceless as Steve just tuned his head, shaking it slowly.

The man then tried to cover himself by saying, “I’m not worried. I’m not worried, but…” Steve turned to him and said, “You said what?” and then Lee followed up with “Never mind.”

It seemed like a controversial answer that might get him in trouble back home with his wife. However, he likely will get away with it because it was on the board as the number five answer on the board.

Fans Make Light Of Family Feud Answer

While Steve was shocked at the answer, he clearly was just playing along. The answer was on the Family Feud board, and he just felt that Lee to stop talking before he got in even more trouble.


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Fans in the comments on the Instagram share had a little to say about the answer as well.

  • “He won, but at what cost”
  • “On the way to divorce court”
  • “Will be digging out that hole for awhile”
  • “Can anyone confirm if he’s still breathing?”

This was one of the rare instances where the game show’s Instagram shared a question and answer and didn’t have fans complaining that it’s supposed to be a “family show.” Earlier in the week, a question asked what a person would refer to as a “rack.” When the woman answered “boobies” and it was the number one answer, fans lashed out at the show for not being “family friendly.”


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Of course, Family Feud does not mean it is a family-friendly show. This show’s title means that it is a show where two families battle each other in a competition.

What are your thoughts on the recent Family Feud questions? Do you find it funny with how Steve Harvey reacts to the more risque answers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. When any Family go on Family Feud Show, You should know, just about anything goes. Stop acting like you don’t know stupid questions is ask. If you think you might have to answer inappropriate question you don’t need to go on the show. It all in phone

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