Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert Still Have Axes To Grind?

Miranda Lambert - Blake Shelton

Despite moving on with different people, it seems Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert still have axes to grind. If there is any doubt about that, there’s one major clue when it comes to the former husband and wife.

Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Were Together A Long Time

They may each be married to different people these days, but, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have a long history with each other. The pair first got together in 2006 before eventually tying the knot in 2011. By 2015, the duo announced their split, which shocked fans at the time.

All together, that is a long time to be in each other’s lives. With that much history, it would certainly make sense not to be able to just bury the hatchet. The exes may have moved on with different people, and by all accounts, they both seem happy in their new situations, however, there’s one major clue that they still hold a grudge.

Blake Shelton
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Blake And Miranda Moved On With Different People

As longtime fans know, Blake Shelton struck up a romance with Gwen Stefani during their time as judges on The Voice. Each of them had come out of a bad relationship, and their being there for each other became a big part of what brought them together.

As for Miranda Lambert, she fell in love with a former New York City cop named Brendan McLoughlin. For many fans, this was a shocker. First of all, that a Texas girl married a guy from New York. Also, that she married someone who was not at all in her industry, essentially marrying a regular guy.

Miranda Lambert YouTube

Miranda Lambert And Blake Shelton Still Holding Grudges?

Blake Shelton clearly seems happy with Gwen Stefani, as they enjoyed an exotic trip to Rome to celebrate Blake’s birthday. As for Miranda, she and Brendan McLoughlin are still going strong as well. So, by all accounts, they found the right people for them after splitting from each other.

However, there is still one major clue that suggests these two are both still holding a grudge. A source recently told Life & Style that the exes make a point to avoid each other at all costs, especially in places like Nashville, where all the famous country music legends and up-and-comers rub elbows.

Gwen Stefani - Miranda Lambert
Gwen Stefani – Miranda Lambert

The source recently said: “Miranda doesn’t want to attend any event where Blake is the star attraction, and vice versa. Their egos can’t handle it, and the brutal reality is that they can’t stand the sight of each other. They’re totally competitive and there’s no love lost, and they don’t want any awkward confrontations. Some might say they don’t want the other to steal their spotlight.”

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