‘RHOSLC’ Monica Garcia Speaks Up About ‘Failed Psych Evaluation’

Monica Garcia-YouTube

Former RHOSLC star Monica Garcia is speaking out about her alleged “failed psych evaluation.” Rumors recently swirled that the mother of four was kicked off of The Traitors due to failing this evaluation. Now, she is having her say and setting the record straight. Keep reading for all of the details.

RHOSLC Monica Garcia Speaks Up About ‘Failed Psych Evaluation’

Monica Garcia made waves during Season 4 of RHOSLC. She had an interesting relationship with her mother, who wanted to be a housewife in her own right. Then, she was called out as being an Internet troll who had been harassing the cast way before she was on the show. It was a mess because she seemed to have little to no remorse and her only ally was Mary Cosby. There was even a moment when Lisa Barlow lost her $60K ring in an airport and all eyes were pointed at Monica.

Monica Garcia-YouTube
Monica Garcia-YouTube

She vehemently denied any wrongdoing but even at the reunion, there was still a lot of doubt. To keep the group cohesive and friendships intact, Monica would not be returning for another season. Then, it came out that she had been cast in Season 3 of The Traitors. Unfortunately, she had been let go upon failing the psych evaluation. Fans could not understand how some of the other cast like Tom Sandoval and Dorinda Medley made it through but she did not. Monica immediately disputed this and now she is speaking out about what the real story is.

According to Us Weekly, Monica Garcia cannot believe that anyone would believe she failed this evaluation:

“Honestly, the fact that people believe that blows my mind. Like, we really will just believe anything. It’s actually crazy. I wish I did do Traitors, but maybe next season.”

Some fans felt that she would have had to pass some tests to become a housewife. Therefore, they wondered how low the bar was set given the cast of The Traitors. After The Neighborhood Talk initially reported Monica had been fired for the failed psych eval, she went off:

“Let’s get on the call with the executives together. Let’s find out how good your source is. I am the source. I didn’t even do one interview. Pathetic and absolutely disgusting.”

Legal Action

With these lies surfacing, Monica Garcia was ready to take legal action for what was being said about her. At the time, she was dealing with a recent miscarriage. Therefore, fans found it hard to believe she would have even considered joining the hit Peacock series. As for whether or not she was asked to be on the show to begin with, this is what Monica shared:

“I didn’t even go through the process of Traitors to where I would even be asked to take a psych evaluation. It didn’t even go that far. I was never even asked to take a psych evaluation. So to sit here and say that I failed one is wild.”

She did not say if she would like to join the show down the line but that would be very interesting to see. Would you like to watch Monica on The Traitors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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