‘Pawn Stars’ Corey Harrison’s ‘Real’ Reason For Being On Show

Corey Harrison on Pawn Stars | YouTube

Pawn Stars fans are losing interest in Corey Harrison. Much of the problems fans have with the star is his apparent lack of care toward his job and his recent role on the show. Recently, a new video was released promoting the show, and Corey seemed like he didn’t want to be there.

After watching the recent video, here is a look at what fans have said about Corey Harrison on Pawn Stars.

Corey Harrison Accused Of Just Doing Pawn Stars To Fulfill His Contract

Corey Harrison is part of the core Pawn Stars team, along with his dad, Rick Harrison, and best friend, Chumlee. However, recently, Corey hasn’t been around as much as his dad, who has been out hitting the road with Chumlee and promoting the reality TV show.

Corey Harrison on Pawn Stars / YouTube
Corey Harrison on Pawn Stars | YouTube

The recent video promoted the show and had two moments from an upcoming. Corey and Chumlee were in the first scene. They visited someone who was selling his huge McDonald’s collection. This collection included toys, memorabilia, and more that tracked several years of McDonald’s history.

Chumlee seemed overly enthused about the items, but Corey mostly stood there looking stone-faced. The Pawn Stars star looked disheveled and seemed uninterested in being there to make an offer, much less to appear on television. He barely even looked up toward the camera during the entire discussion.

Chumlee offered $400 for the memorabilia but passed on buying the giant McDonald’s arch for which the man wanted thousands. The man accepted, and Corey looked ready to leave.

Fans Wonder If Corey Harrison Is Checking Out On Pawn Stars

After the video hit YouTube, fans seemed excited to see the new season (Rick Harrison had his own deal in the promo for a Coca-Cola memorabilia). However, they noticed something a little disappointing.

Fans commented on the video, and most remarked on Corey’s lackluster attitude.

  • “Cory is like “I am only here because my contract requires it” lol”
  • “He just seems lucid…out of it…etc etc
  • “Something tells me Corey’s life isn’t all that Easy”
  • “Really fun episode 🙂 Hey I tell yah some people say Cory phones it is but he just texts it.”

One thing some people might not be taking into account is that Corey Harrison has possibly been dealing with a medical condition recently. A photo recently released of Corey with his dad in a Vegas rooftop restaurant showed him hunched over the table with what looked like a hump on his back. There is a chance Corey has been dealing with some pain recently, which would affect his attitude.

Do you think Corey Harrison is just phoning it in with his recent Pawn Stars appearances? Do you think he no longer cares about being on the show outside of his contracted appearances? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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