‘On Patrol: Live’ Chief Bradley Taylor Finds Personal Way To Connect With Fans

Chief Bradley Taylor-Facebook

On Patrol: Live viewer favorite Chief Bradley Taylor has found a personal way to connect with his fans. When he and the Hazen Police Department are not on, there are so many questions. Now, there is a way to get a piece of Chief Taylor and it may be a hit with fans. Keep reading for more details.

On Patrol: Live Chief Bradley Taylor Finds Personal Way To Connect With Fans

Chief Bradley Taylor is one of the more accessible officers from On Patrol: Live. Whenever the Hazen Police Department is going on hiatus, he always does a Facebook video. There, he explains why the department is taking this break and when they will return. Fans really appreciate him taking the time to give an explanation and caring enough about his followers to be open and transparent. Hazen had taken time off before the 2023 Thanksgiving holiday. Hunting and family are very important to them so they wanted to enjoy that but returned in February 2024.

Chief Bradley Taylor-Facebook
Chief Bradley Taylor-Facebook

They left again in April 2024 with the hopes of coming back after Memorial Day 2024 but waited until the third weekend in June. Fans were thrilled to have Chief Bradley Taylor back in the studio for the whole weekend. Now, with all the fame that he has amassed, he has decided to connect even more personally with his fans. He took to his Facebook to share his latest venture which he has started with Sargeant Clayton Dillon. For just $25, fans are getting a complete and personalized package.

So, fans will get an autograph and these special coins the men have collaborated on. For diehard viewers and Hazen lovers, it is completely worth it. More so, it is a great collector’s item for On Patrol: Live faithfuls. So, what were fan reactions upon seeing this?

  • Don’t run out before I get some money!!
  • I have a feeling you’re going to be writing begonias a lot.
  • How much for a ride along chief we can donate to your favorite charity!!!
  • You’re about to sell a few thousand of these, boys
  • That’s awesome! Thank you guys

Extra Questions

Though many Chief Bradley Taylor fans loved this idea and were ready to pay up, there were a few questions that needed to be answered. The first was if the money raised was going to charity. Then, the second was if there was another payment method aside from PayPal. Not everyone who wanted to buy a coin and autograph had that. Additionally, some followers were On Patrol: LIve fans to the core but simply did not have the money. So, they asked if there was a way these could be sent out for little to no cost.

What do you think of Chief Taylor’s new venture to stay closer to his fans? Let us know and watch On Patrol: Live Fridays and Saturdays on Reelz.

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