‘Mama June’ Shows Family’s Last Interactions With Anna Cardwell

Mama June Family Crisis Anna Cardwell - YouTube/WEtv

New episodes of Mama June: Family Crisis are airing and the show is documenting some of the family’s final interactions with Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell. A recent clip from Family Crisis showed Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efrid and Jessica Shannon going to visit Chickadee around the holidays. Upon their arrival, the two sisters are devastated by what they see. Continue reading to see what the video revealed about one of the sisters’ last interactions with Anna Cardwell.

Mama June: Family Crisis Documents Final Days With Anna

This season of Mama June: Family Crisis will document how the family deals with the loss of Anna Cardwell. Anna lost her battle with stage 4 adrenal carcinoma in December. In the weeks and days before her death, the family rallied around Anna to show their support for her.

June Shannon recently opened up about the family’s last vacation together just days before Anna’s death. Now, the most recent clip from Family Crisis shows Anna’s sisters, Pumpkin and Jessica, coming to visit her. According to Pumpkin, Mama June contacted them to let them know that Anna had taken a turn for the worse. So, Pumpkin and Jessica went to Anna’s house to check in on her. What they discovered when they arrived was disheartening.

Mama June Family Crisis Pumpkin and Jessica - YouTube/WEtv

“What did y’all come over here for?” Anna jokingly asks her sisters when they enter her home. Pumpkin responds back playfully, “Well, to give you a hard time.”

In a side interview, Pumpkin tells the camera that June sent them a text that “Anna was rapidly declining.” What would be one of the final interactions between the three sisters was playful and full of laughter. However, Pumpkin still wanted to ask more serious questions about Anna’s condition.

“So with the oxygen thing, are you having to wear that all the time?” she asked Anna in the clip. “There’s days…like I wore it off for the past three days because I’ve been having a little bit of a tightness in my chest,” Anna explained to her sister.

Anna Cardwell Rapidly Declined In The End

Then, in another side interview, Pumpkin tears up about her sister’s condition. She shared that the decline of Anna’s health seems to have happened so quickly, pointing out that she was able to breathe on her own just a few weeks before.

On top of that, Pumpkin mentions the fact that Anna Cardwell hadn’t started decorating for Christmas yet, which is her favorite holiday. Anna blames it on the fact that her husband has been working so much, but Pumpkin and Jessica know that it is due to her rapidly declining health.

Mama June Family Crisis Anna Cardwell - YouTube/WEtv

“Anna is a huge Christmas lover,” Pumpkin told the camera. “Normally this girl decorates the day after Thanksgiving for Christmas and to look around and not see any type of Christmas stuff, that’s kinda like hitting me because that’s how you know it’s getting bad.”

Despite her rapidly declining health, the family said that Anna Cardwell was able to maintain her sense of humor in her final days. Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson said that she was “cracking jokes” the day before she died.

The family is keeping her memory alive by continuing to talk about Anna and all of the positive experiences they shared together.

Mama June: Family Crisis airs on Fridays at 9 p.m. EST on WEtv.

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