Jason Kelce Says Country Music Today Is ‘Horse-Sh*t’

Jason Kelce | YouTube

Jason Kelce talks about a lot of things on his podcast with his brother, Travis Kelce. While Travis still talks a lot about football, as he is still an active player with the Kansas City Chiefs, Jason has a lot of other things on his mind since his retirement. In the most recent episode, he went off on the state of music.

He was especially harsh about today’s country music, and here is what he had to say.

Jason Kelce Hates Today’s Country Music

On this week’s edition of the New Heights podcast, Jason Kelce went off on the state of music today. He wondered what music would sound like if he and his brother Travis traveled to the future. Jason said he couldn’t think about it because he couldn’t relate to what the kids like to listen to now.

Jason Kelce
Jason Kelce | YouTube

Jason talked about his problem with the music released now, focusing on hip-hop and country. When it comes to hip-hop, Jason said that in the 80s and 90s, the rappers were living the life they were singing about. He said that doesn’t exist in today’s hip-hop, where “it’s like auto-tune renditions.”

That is when Jason went off on country music. “If I have to hear one more country song that’s like, ‘I got my boots in my truck going through the fields.’ Like, what the f— are we talking about?” Jason asked. “That’s not country music. That’s not country music.”

When pushed, Jason said people should just put on some Willie Nelson. He said that compared to Willie, new country music is “horse sh*t.”

Jason Kelce Likes Some New Country Music

For his part, Jason Kelce agreed with Travis Kelce’s sentiment that some of today’s country music is good. Of course, Travis is dating someone who made her name in country music in Taylor Swift. When asked, Jason came up with one name that he thought was great.

“Like, I can listen to modern country, and I can listen to, like, modern hip-hop when I’m out in the right environment,” Jason said. “But listening to it to, like, really enjoy it, like Willie Nelson, to me, the way he wrote songs, like Chris Stapleton, obviously, right now.”

Travis agreed that Stapleton is a “super performer.” He also admitted that when someone has a voice like Stapleton, “that’s forever.” Jason added Stapleton’s voice is “tried and true.”

The brothers also talked about a series of other topics. They discussed the screwups with the Chiefs’ Super Bowl rings (there was a typo on them), and Travis also said he knows when he plans to retire (when he can’t play at a high level anymore).

What are your thoughts on Jason Kelce’s opinion of today’s country music? Is it a huge drop in quality from the country of the past, or does Jason just not get it now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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