How Did ‘Survivor’s’ Drew Basile Do On ‘Jeopardy!’?

Drew Basile on Jeopardy! | YouTube

When Survivor 45 contestant Drew Basile announced he was going on Jeopardy!, he said it was time to see if he was really the “know-it-all” that other contestants had pegged him as. That moment on the game show came on Wednesday, and Drew finally had a chance to show how smart he really is.

Here is how Drew did on Jeopardy! and whether the Survivor star proved himself to the world.

How Did Drew Basile Do On Jeopardy!?

Drew Basile developed a reputation as a know-it-all when he was on Survivor. He did well in the competition and hoped to carry that over to Jeopard! When he showed up, he had a tough task ahead of him. Adriana Harmeyer was on a 15-game winning streak, the longest of the season so far.

Drew Basile from Survivor | YouTube
Drew Basile from Survivor | YouTube

All Adriana had to do was when on Wednesday, and she would be on the all-time list of Jeopardy! champions. However, Drew showed up and won the game by a landslide over Adriana and the third competitor, Tekla Sauter.

Heading into Double Jeopardy!, Drew was in second place ($5,600), while defending champions Adriana was in the lead ($8,100). However, when Drew guessed the Daily Double later in the game, he wagered $10,000 and got it right. He jumped out to an impressive lead of $23,600 heading into Final Jeopardy!, with Adriana sitting at $10,600.

No matter what Adriana wagered, she couldn’t catch Drew, so he just made a small wager and guessed “What is Jeopardy” as the answer to a 1978 cologne that used a game being played in the brand’s logo. The answer was Polo, but Drew was messing around here and even winked at the camera after his win.

Did Drew Carry On His Wins On Jeopardy!?

Drew Basile eliminated Adriana after her 15-game winning streak. While Ken Jennings assured her she would be back for the Tournament of Champions, Drew also had a chance to make his mark and qualify for that.

“I hope to continue on with some great games to qualify for the Tournament of Champions and they call me a giant in Jeopardy! stature, a trivia giant taking out Adriana,” Drew said after his win (via PEOPLE). As for his winnings ($23,482 on day one), he said he would save it, although he might take his girlfriend on a vacation with some of it.

He also said that his girlfriend was born on January 18, and his Final Jeopardy! wager was for $118 to honor his “biggest supporter.”

The good news for Drew is that he followed up his win with a victory on Thursday to put him on a 2-game winning streak. It was harder this time as everyone missed Final Jeopardy!, but Drew still won with $9,800 compared to second place at $6,398.

What are your thoughts on Drew Basile so far regarding Jeopardy!? Do you think the Survivor star is proving himself to his detractors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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