‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Smitten, Reveals Secret Crush

Family Feud: Steve Harvey

Family Feud scenes sometimes include Steve Harvey revealing interesting personal details about himself. In recent scenes, he even revealed a secret crush. So, what did the host have to say?

Family Feud: Host Steve Harvey Makes The Show

As much as Family Feud viewers tune in to watch the competition and laugh at the hilarious survey questions and answers, another aspect that keeps viewers locked in is the fact that Steve Harvey is the captain of the ship.

Family Feud has had a handful of different hosts over the years. However, Steve Harvey has been holding it down since 2010. These days, he is synonymous with the show. With his flashy suits and trademark humor, viewers tune in as much for him as they do for the actual game.

Steve Harvey cringes but allows Shirley to explain. - Family Feud
Steve Harvey cringes but allows Shirley to explain. – Family Feud

You Never Know What You’re Going To Get On The Show

One thing that Family Feud fans love about the show is the personal anecdotes that Steve Harvey shares. Often, they are brought on by prompts from contestants, or even survey questions. In recent scenes from the game show, Steve Harvey revealed a surprising secret crush he had growing up.

It turns out, a recent participant revealed that she is a lunch lady for her day job. Molly and her family members were hoping to cash in on the big money the show can potentially give you if you make it all the way to the money round and win. However, as her day job to pay the bills, she is a lunch lady.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Family Feud: Steve Harvey Reveals Secret Crush

Sometimes, Steve Harvey ends up revealing personal details about himself based on conversations he has with contestants. In this recent case, he matched the high energy of Molly, the lunch lady. He also revealed a secret crush he had growing up.

According to Steve Harvey, he said in Family Feud scenes: “Girl! You know how many lunch ladies I was in love with?”

Not missing a beat, this lunch lady then added herself to that list. To which Steve Harvey said: “And now Miss Molly, boy.”

Steve Harvey - Family Feud
Steve Harvey – Family Feud

Steve Harvey didn’t go into detail about whether he had crushes on lunch ladies because of their looks, or because they served him food. Either way, recent contestant Molly being a lunch lady certainly brought back some fond memories for the Family Feud host, and he wasn’t afraid to share them.

Typically, it’s contestants who end up revealing things about themselves based on the answers they give to survey questions. However, this time around, it was Steve Harvey revealing his secret crush.

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