‘Deadliest Catch’ Nearly Fatal For Sig Hansen’s Brother, Norman

Captain Sig Hansen - Deadliest Catch Discovery Channel YouTube

Sig Hansen’s brother Norman Hansen works as the engineer on F/V Northwestern, and in Season 20 of Deadliest Catch, dangerous situations in the Bering Sea bring a reminder that Norman nearly died a few years ago. Discovery Channel fans do see a bit of scripted drama, but the danger is very real.

Sig Hansen Fears The Weather But Accidents Can Happen Dockside

The captain of  F/V Northwestern is known to be extremely competitive. However, he also knows that death is seldom far from the crabbing fishermen. Ahead of the new season on the Discovery Channel, he described that his biggest fear is the weather. At the time, he said that it was terrifying because sometimes, a friend fishing close by can’t be rescued.

Sig Hansen, Deadliest Catch-https://www.instagram.com/p/B9EGBXkp6hL/
Sig Hansen, Deadliest Catch- Discovery Channel

Deaths happened to people who filmed for the Discovery channel. Todd Kochitin passed away after an 800 lb crab pot hit him. Others who died included Danny Matlock, Josh Paulus, and Blaine Steinmetz when their vessel sank. But, for Sig Hansen, the near-fatal accident of Norman Hansen happened in port.

Norman Hansen’s Near-Fatal Accident In Deadliest Catch

Another death that Deadliest Catch fans heard about was former Northwestern deckhand, Nick Mavar. This month, the news revealed that the experienced fisherman passed away after experiencing a “medical emergency.” With that in mind, Collider reminded viewers of the Discovery Channel about the near-death of Norman Hansen in Season 15.

FV Northwestern - Deadliest Catch YouTube
F/V Northwestern – Deadliest Catch YouTube

Sig Hansen, the outlet recalled, was in his cabin while the vessel was docked when it happened. The article noted:

Norman endured a tragic slip and severely struck his head while the vessel was docked. However, the incident for Norman didn’t end there; he laid on the deck unconscious [while] Sig rushed to his side. The situation was immediately heightened when Norman began to have a seizure while the camera caught the action. With his skin changing color to a terrifying blue.

EMTs Take Norman Hanson To The ER - Discovery Channel - YouTube
EMTs Take Norman Hanson To The ER – Discovery Channel – YouTube

Fortunately, Norman survived the terrifying ordeal. Additionally, as filming was in progress, it was a massive reminder to Deadlist Catch fans that the Discovery Channel show is about as real as it can get.

In Season 20, fans already saw that a fire broke out aboard Keith Colburn’s F/V Wizard. It wasn’t a fatal incident for deckhand Tyler, as the crew raced to extinguish the flames. Some fans dissed the scene, claiming that it was fake. Perhaps viewers will never know for sure. But, it highlighted just how dangerous crab fishing in the Bering Sea can be.

What are your thoughts about Norman, the brother of Sig Hansen nearly dying in an accident while the vessel was in port? Can you recall watching Season 15 when it happened? Sound off in the comments below, and remember to come back here for all your Deadliest Catch news.

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  1. I support Captain Keith and I feel like anyone who is going to write a negative comment about someone who has enough stress on their shoulders is just a piece of garbage. If you don’t like what you’re watching, then change the channel buttwhipe. Do your thing wizard, and everyone else on the barring sea. I’m praying for you guys. much love 💕

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