‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Is Back, Shocking Season 6 Plot Lines Leaked?

Tammy Slaton from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLC, sourced from YouTube

1000-Lb Sisters fans can’t wait to view new episodes of the series when Season 6 comes to TLC. Right now, there are more questions than answers about the upcoming season. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating online.

Last season, the show took a very disheartening turn when Tammy’s husband Caleb Willingham passed away in rehab. On top of that, Amy and Michael Halterman divorced. Now, both Slaton sisters are exploring brand new chapters of their lives. Anything could happen.

Recently, one fan said they think they saw some leaks from the upcoming season. Keep reading to get the scoop.

Did Someone Leak 1000-Lb Sisters Content Online?

It’s not uncommon for some reality TV leaks to come out before the network feels ready to share them. After all, the show follows the lives of real people.

And some fans think they saw some leaked content from 1000-Lb Sisters Season 6.

A few weeks ago, maybe a month or so, I saw a YouTube channel post clips from the show I’ve never seen before,” a Redditor shared online recently. “One clip was with both Amy and Tammy getting a makeover and another clip was of a HUGE fight between Tammy and Amanda. Amanda is laid up in the chair because she broke her leg or something and threatens Tammy with eviction from her house. I liked the videos so I would save them but the next day, THEY WERE GONE! I haven’t seen anyone else talk about this. They were fully edited clips too. Did anyone else see this?”

Amanda Halterman from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLC, sourced from YouTube
1000-Lb Sisters/TLC

Many other Redditors confirmed it wasn’t the OP’s imagination. They saw the videos too. Comments included:

  • I saw that too! I went back to check my history the next day and couldn’t find it either. It looks good though. Amanda was definitely the problem starter IMO”
  • Sounds like legit scenes from next season, considering Amanda just recovered from surgery on her knee.”
  • I remember a big fight and Tammy being evicted was talked about as a ‘coming up this season’ while the most recent season was being aired (or maybe just before it was aired) but then the season ending without the fight between Amanda and Tammy or Tammy being evicted.”

The Sisters Dramatically Transform Their Lives

1000-Lb Sisters fans are curious to learn more about Amanda Halterman’s health. Fortunately, it seems that the TLC star is in remarkable shape today. She and her older sister Misty received bariatric surgery last season. Today, they’re reaping the benefits of the procedure.

In a recent photo, they proudly displayed their progress. In fact, the sisters almost seemed unrecognizable.

Amy Slaton, Amanda Halterman and Misty - Facebook Via Reddit
Amy Slaton, Amanda Halterman, and Misty – Facebook Via Reddit

What do you think about the discussion on Reddit? Did you also see the videos before they were removed? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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