‘Price Is Right’ Fans Blast Drew Carey, Believe He Is Rigging Show

Drew Carey on The Price is Right | YouTube

The Price is Right has had some incredible moments over the last month. However, some fans of the popular game show can’t seem to enjoy those moments. Many fans claim the show is rigged, and a new conspiracy theory about host Drew Carey is going around.

Here is what some fans are accusing Drew and The Price is Right of doing.

Fans Accuse Drew Carey Of ‘Rigging” The Price Is Right

On The Price is Right, some games are trickier than others. However, there are other games that are easier to win, and often, players winning those games likely wouldn’t have had a chance at the harder games. Some Price is Right fans now believe the game is rigged based on what host Drew Carey wants.

Drew Carey on Price is Right | YouTube
Drew Carey on Price is Right | YouTube

These fans believe that Drew Carey lets the players he likes win. Recently, a woman named Letitia was on the show and had to pick bags with dollar amounts on them. She then had to measure the bag against a Morocco bag to win a vacation there. Letitia said she had been planning a trip there for years with her daughter, who lives in Spain.

Drew Carey said it was “meant to be” and wished her luck. She picked bags that revealed the costs of $6,000 and $4,000, and the Morocco bag stopped perfectly balanced when weighing them. “She’s going to see her daughter in Morocco! That’s amazing,” Drew said.

This led fans online to say that Drew’s comments convinced them he rigs the games to win for contestants he likes.

Price Is Right Fans Blast Drew Carey On Social Media

After the game and the win, fans watching from home refused to be happy for Letitia. Instead, they claimed the show was rigged for her to win.

Fans flooded to comment on the moment. While many people said they got “goosebumps” and congratulated her, others bashed the show and spread the conspiracy theory.

  • “Sometimes I think they just give people they like the win.”
  • “Funny. Because I thought the same way also.”
  • “She didn’t need that trip. She had the money to go to Morocco.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time fans have complained about people winning on The Price is Right. A man recently won the dice game without making a single guess because every roll was a one or a six. This means he won the car automatically. People also claimed the game show was rigged to help him win, even though it showed his dice rolls.

A person who previously attended the show said that everyone in the studio audience was interviewed before the show and that the selections for contestants were not random. This adds to the thought that everything is rigged as well.

What are your thoughts on The Price is Right? Do you believe the games are rigged, or are you happy when people win? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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