‘Naked And Afraid XL’ Season 11 Production Put On Hold

Naked and Afraid XL | YouTube

Naked and Afraid XL is back with a new season. However, there is some bad news for fans wanting Season 11 sooner rather than later. Discovery Channel has announced that it has halted the production of Season 11. This means the future of the show is now in question.

Here is a look at why Discovery Channel halted production on Naked and Afraid XL Season 11 and what it means for the show.

Discover Halts Production On Naked and Afraid XL Season 11

Naked and Afraid XL premiered on Discovery Channel in 2015. The series is a spinoff that extends the challenge from 12 days to 40. Discover filmed the show in Colombia (twice), South Africa (twice), Ecuador, Philippines, Africa, Louisiana, Amazon, and Montana.

Naked And Afraid XL's Nathan Martinez / YouTube
Naked And Afraid XL’s Nathan Martinez | YouTube

As usual, the show airs long after it was filmed, and the next season usually starts filming around when the current season is airing. However, the next season is no longer in production. The production was in preparation, and Discovery abruptly shut it all down.

According to reports, Discovery wants a “creative refresh.”

“We have paused production on the next season of Naked and Afraid XL for a creative refresh with plans to shoot later this year,” a Discovery spokeswoman said (via Deadline). According to reports, the new spinoff, Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing, has let Discovery know it can retool XL.

Since Discovery has halted production, the production of Last One Standing has now been moved up to replace it.

What Is Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing?

Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing is a spinoff that will pay the winner $100,000 in its second season.  This show brings back winners from past shows to compete for the prize money.

Naked and Afraid XL - YouTube/Discovery Canada
Naked and Afraid XL | YouTube/Discovery Canada

The second season of Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing will premiere on July 14. The third season will move into production instead of XL, meaning it should arrive in 2025 before XL returns.

The second season of Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing takes place in Africa’s Munzwa Valley and has 14 all-stars. However, there will be an elimination at the start, sending the “weakest” home first. Taking part in the competition are Patrick French, Lindsey Leitelt, Darrin Reay, Kate Wentworth, Dani Beauchemin, Trish Bulinsky, Russell Sage, Fernando Calderon, Bulent Gurcan, Dan Link, Ky Furneaux, Lacey Jones, Gary Golding and Jeff Zausch.

The all-stars and survivalists will take part in challenges over a 45-day challenge, making this a good alternative to XL.

Are you disappointed that Naked and Afraid XL has halted production for its next season? What kind of changes do you want to see made with the creative refresh? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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