Major Shakeup On ‘American Idol’ Following HR Scandal

American Idol Katy Perry - YouTube/CBS Evening News

After 22 years, one cast member on American Idol is sad to be leaving the show. The behind-the-scenes member of the Idol family was let go from their duties shortly after the news regarding Katy Perry’s departure broke. Keep reading to find out who is leaving and what led to the decision.

American Idol Lets 22-Year Veteran Go

Before the major panel change on American Idol, the show let the Executive in Charge of Production, Wyleen May. Deadline first reported that Wyleen worked as a producer on the show for 22 years before she was let go.

“It is hard to express the gratitude I have to the team at Fremantle and American Idol, the place I knew as home for the last 22 years,” Wyleen said. “It may sound cliche, but it was my absolute honor to work day in and day out with people I consider to be some of the most talented, dedicated, and devoted in the business. I will miss you terribly.”

Ryan Seacrest | YouTube
Ryan Seacrest | YouTube

She continued, sharing that she was sad to be leaving Idol and that she hopes she is remembered for her “experience, passion, and dedication” to her role. “All we want for ourselves is to know that our work had a lasting impact,” she said. “I am excited for my next journey, and what that will bring.”

After expressing her gratitude for being part of the competition show, Wyleen May opened up about a human resources issue that pushed her to leave. “Unfortunately, my exit has been the subject of hurtful speculation and innuendo,” she stated.

HR Investigation Was Not A Factor In Wyleen’s Future At Idol

At the end of 2023, Wyleen was the “subject of an HR investigation.” She shared that she was investigated for the manner in which she interacted with certain members of her team at American Idol. No action was taken and the investigation was quickly closed, according to Wyleen.

That being said, many people have wondered if the HR investigation is what ultimately led to Wyleen being let go from Idol. However, she says that this isn’t the case. “The decision to move on from me to a new EIC is not related, and any implication otherwise is completely misleading and inaccurate,” she said.

Katy Perry - YouTube/American Idol
YouTube/American Idol

Of course, the Executive in Charge of Production is not the only person leaving American Idol in the upcoming season. Long-time judge Katy Perry has also made her exit from the competition show.

The Idol judge first announced her departure in February, saying that she wants to focus on her daughter and her music career for a while. A source close to the Alien singer said that she might even be considering growing her family with fiance Orlando Bloom. There is still no confirmation as to who will replace Katy Perry at the judge’s table next season.

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