Katy Perry Drops Big Pounds, Is She Taking Diet Drugs?

Katy Perry | YouTube

Katy Perry has a new album coming out and released a snippet from her first single. However, the response has been mostly negative. The song itself has fans not enthusiastic about the new music. On top of that, there are also many fans who claim the recent weight loss by Katy is due to diet drugs.

Here is what fans had to say about Katy Perry’s new look as she prepares to release new music.

Fans Bash Katy Perry’s Recent Weight Loss

Katy Perry began releasing teases for her new upcoming music. One of these teases was a snippet of her new song, “Woman’s World.” Another tease was the cover of the single, which she released on Instagram. That photo was Katy in a tight white bikini top and some black armored-looking pants. Her mid section was bare and very thin.

Katy Perry | YouTube
Katy Perry | YouTube

This is what got fans talking. While the photos were from a recent photoshoot for the new music, it wasn’t clear how much of the pics were natural and how much was possibly airbrushed. Assuming that the photos were legit, many fans pointed out that Katy was likely on something to help her lose weight.

Some of the sample comments include:

  • “Another Ozempic addicted woman”
  • “oo skinny Katy! Stop with the Ozempic. You are a talented lady, you don’t need to be so skinny”
  • “Another woman going down the Ozempic train.”

However, while everyone on Instagram seemed to want to body shame Katy, there might be another reason for the weight loss.

How Did Katy Perry Get In Such Great Shape?

A source claims that Katy Perry lost the weight thanks to her husband, Orlando Bloom (via The Express). The source claims that Bloom is responsible for her healthy living choices.


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“Orlando has been her right-hand man and has helped her out,” the source said. “They eat the same and work out the same. She has cut out tons of processed food and doesn’t drink that much. She has been looking incredible because she is sticking to the new routine.”

The source said the online trolls are wrong about the Ozempic and that Katy is just working hard and eating healthy. Bloom has always been open about his healthy diet and exercise routines and he seems to have rubbed off on Katy along the way.

While Katy Perry has faced major backlash for the new song snippet, the weight shamers are just piling on.

What are your thoughts on Katy Perry’s new slimmed-up look? Do you think she is using Ozempic, or do you think she did it naturally? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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