‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ Collin Gosselin Huge 2024 Life Update

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Jon & Kate Plus 8 fans last saw Collin Gosselin when he appeared on Vice TV’s Dark Side of The 2000s last year. The former TLC star cleaned up his Instagram since then and seemed to disappear from the face of the planet. Read on to find out what he’s up to in 2024.

Collin Gosselin & His Sister Hannah Lived With Their Dad

After Kate Gosselin sent her son to an institution, he managed to contact his father, and Jon said he spent his last dollar getting him out. Of course, that involved doctors assessing his son’s mental health. When he won custody, the sextuplet lived with Jon and at the time, with his girlfriend Colleen Conrad. However, they split. But, it seemed from something Colleen said, that Jon’s son also stayed with her family as a high school student.

Collin Gosselin and Colleen Conrad - National Son's Day 2023 - Instagram
Collin Gosselin and Colleen Conrad – National Son’s Day 2023 – Instagram

Collin Gosselin graduated from high school at the same time as his sister Hannah and his estranged sextuplets who attended a different school. The graduation photo was one of the last few photos that Jon’s son left up on social media.

Collin and Hannah Gosselin Graduation Day - Instagram
Collin and Hannah Gosselin Graduation Day – Instagram

The young Jon & Kate Plus 8 alum had opted for education at a military academy and his dad, Jon Gosselin was very proud. Since then, the former TLC star joined the Marines. In August last year, his dad told ET that his son had enlisted and started boot camp at Parris Island.

Collin - Credit Jon Gosselin - Instagram (1)
Collin – Credit Jon Gosselin – Instagram

No more updates came on social media, but from his graduation post, TLC fans have a good idea of what the young man might be doing in 2024.

Studying At College Via The Marines

Kate Gosselin’s estranged son, Collin told his followers when he graduated:

No hate towards the Army, but the challenge of the Marine Corps just appealed to me more. Just thought I’d clarify that 😂 Anyways, this chapter of my life has come to a close… Next stop Parris Island🦅 and soon after I will be studying Mechanical and Industrial Engineering in college!

By now, the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star must have passed his boot camp. Then he probably went to the School of Infantry, according to the Marine Parents website.  Perhaps he will soon start his college education.

What are your thoughts about Collin Gosselin turning out to be a fine young man with a career to look forward to? Are you glad that he retains strong ties to Colleen Conrad and his dad? Apparently, he also gets along well with John Gosselin’s new girlfriend, Stephanie Lebo. The last anyone heard he was still not on speaking terms with his mom, Kate Gosselin. Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Jon and Kate Plus 8 news.

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