Host Terry Crews Gets Exciting New Gig, Is He Done At ‘AGT’?

Terry Crews on AGT | YouTube

The main stars of America’s Got Talent have remained mostly constant. While there have been some changes, like Sofia Vergara not participating in the Fantasy League season, the four judges and host, Terry Crews, have been there for a few seasons without a break. However, some fans think Crews might be on his way out.

Here is why some people think Crew might be leaving AGT.

Terry Crews Picks Up Exciting New Gig Away From America’s Got Talent

A beloved sitcom is coming back to TV in a different form. Everybody Hates Chris was a show that was based on the childhood of comedian Chris Rock. Now, the animated series Everybody Still Hates Chris is coming, and the cast from the original show is returning to voice their characters.

Terry Crews on AGT | YouTube
Terry Crews on AGT | YouTube

The returning cast members include Chris Rock (as the narrator), Terry Crews, and Tichina Arnold (via Variety). Crews played Julius, Chris’s father, and Arnold played Rochelle, Chris’s temperamental mother. Everybody Still Hates Chris premieres later this year on Comedy Central (and later on Paramount+).

The kids from the original will have new voice actors since the original actors have all grown up. This includes Tim Johnson Jr. (“Saturdays”), who will play young Chris.

Since Terry Crews is returning to voice Julius, many fans think this might end his tenure on America’s Got Talent. However, there is one thing that people might not understand about Crews.

Is Terry Crews Leaving America’s Got Talent?

Voicing Julius on Everybody Still Hates Chris should not interfere with Terry Crews’s role on America’s Got Talent. Terry has been on AGT since 2019. During that time, he has done several acting roles in movies and on TV.


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On TV, he starred in Tales of the Walking Dead and Space Force in 2022, Side Hustle in 2021, and Mapleworth Murders in 2020. He also appeared in movies like John Henry in the titular role in 2020 and has two movies coming out this year, with Deadpool & Wolverine as Bedlam and The Killer’s Game as Lovedahl.

Marvel’s next movie, Deadpool & Wolverine, will be released in July. Crews reprises his role from the 2018 movie Deadpool 2. In The Killer’s Game, Crews plays an assassin hired to kill Dave Bautista’s Joe Flood. That movie arrives in September.

The actor even starred in Brooklyn Nine-Nine in a lead role while on AGT for two years. If Crews can star in live-action movies and TV shows, there is no reason to think that voicing a role in an animated series will force him out of his hosting role on America’s Got Talent.

What are your thoughts about Terry Crews returning to his old role on Everybody Still Hates Chris? Do you think it will interfere with his role on America’s Got Talent? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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