‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ Star Grace Girard Introduces New Man

Grace Girard via YouTube

Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2 featured four farmers. When the season ended, three of the four chose a woman to spend more time with on the farm. Ty Ferrell decided to stay single and send both remaining ladies home. Brandon Rogers from Colorado chose Grace Girard from Wisconsin. The two wanted things to work but in the end, they were too different and wanted different things. She left the small-town farming life and Brandon is once again single and looking for love. Grace on the other hand has already moved on and found someone else to spend her time with. Who is she with now? Keep reading to find out more.

Farmer Wants A Wife Star Grace Girard Dating New Man

Things didn’t work out between Farmer Wants a Wife stars Brandon Rogers and Grace Girard. He chose her out of the five women who accompanied him to his potato farm in Colorado. However, things didn’t stay steamy between the two for long.

In the end, they were very different people. He also knew small-town life might not be for her as she was pretty outgoing socially. She left and while Brandon is still single and searching, Grace has moved on and is already dating.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel shared all about Grace’s new man. She and her boyfriend hard launched last week on social media. Now, the news outlet caught up with Grace to get the scoop on how she connected with Trevor Jung so soon after the reunion show aired.

Grace is dating Trevor Jung, the transit and mobility director for the City of Racine and a Wisconsin Democratic National Convention delegate. She said, “It’s been really special to all-of-a-sudden find this. I think it’s perfect timing, but also the weirdest timing for me. It’s been really, really serendipitous.”

Brandon Rogers, Joy Mayfield, Grace Girard, and Emerson Sears - Farmer Wants A Wife - YouTube
Brandon Rogers, Joy Mayfield, Grace Girard, and Emerson Sears – Farmer Wants A Wife – YouTube

How Did They Meet?

Grace Girard of Farmer Wants a Wife shared that she first saw Trevor at a leadership conference. She said, “He did a great job and he was very endearing and I just thought he looked great in a suit. I was very attracted to his ambition and the way he worked the crowd that was there. That just made me really start to fall for him.”

After the convention, she followed him on Instagram and he did the same. Once the show was nearly done filming she expressed to mutual friends that she was attracted to him. They put in a good word for her.

Trevor did not watch the show but says he would love to watch the season with her. He says he is proud to call her his girlfriend.

What do you think about Grace moving on so quickly?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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