‘Family Feud’ Frustrated Steve Harvey Tells Player To ‘Stop’

Family Feud: Steve Harvey

Family Feud host Steve Harvey was recently left visibly disgusted by a player’s response to a survey question. What did the player say that got the usually composed host so bent out of shape?

Family Feud: Some Responses Are Downright Nasty

Family Feud responses to survey questions run the gamut from NSFW and raunchy to flat-out disgusting. Of course, there are humorous responses in between all that, but, it’s usually the most inappropriate or disgusting answers that later go viral on social media.

Either way, this sets the Family Feud stage for the unpredictable responses. A big part of tuning in and enjoying the show is that unpredictability element. This is exactly the kind of thing that keeps viewers, and even Steve Harvey, on their toes.

The great thing about Family Feud is that the possibilities are endless. Answers you might think have no business being on the board end up there. On the other side of that coin, answers you might feel are a sure winner don’t even end up on the board at all.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Nothing is off limits when it comes to Family Feud and what the winning answers could be, and viewers wouldn’t have it any other way.

Steve Harvey Had Enough In Recent Scenes, Why?

Recently, the Family Feud survey question centered around naming something that might have olives in it. There were the usual suspects that most watchers might expect, like salad. The number one answer turned out to be a martini.

However, this wasn’t the only interesting response to this particular survey question. One family member said, “Olive Garden,” while another said, “an olive tree.” Still, even those answers did not get the wildest reaction out of Steve Harvey this round.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Family Feud: There Was An Even Crazier Response To This Survey Question

By this point in the segment, both previous responses got some hilarious reactions from Steve Harvey and the audience. However, in this one survey question alone, there was one more answer that was even crazier than the last two.

Another family member answered this Family Feud question with: “Deviled Eggs.”

A frazzled Steve Harvey said: “What?”

The contestant repeated her answer, which only made things worse. Steve Harvey pointed a warning finger at the player and said: “You need to stop making them.” Harvey didn’t stop there, as he went even further, adding: “Don’t you make no more Deviled Eggs with no damn olives.”

Not surprisingly, that answer was not on the board. This gave the other family the chance to steal, with two possible responses left. The win was secured with “Pizza” as the third response. The fourth turned out to be “Tapenade.”

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  1. Harvey has been doing this too long, he is bored, impatient and has a myopic view of himself, “i’m the only one here with a brain”. Needs to go home and be a Father to his daughter, count his millions and CHILL!!

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