‘Bachelor’ Clayton Echard Breaks Silence On Paternity Suit

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Former Bachelor Clayton Echard is all smiles this week after an Arizona judge ruled in his favor regarding the paternity case filed against him. He went to social media to speak out and share that “accountability needed to be had.” The legal battle has been ongoing for nine months. Clayton and a few other men claim to have been victimized by the woman whose identity was kept confidential at first. Now, a ruling was made and the woman in question is being referred to the DA for possible criminal charges. Keep reading to find out more.

Clayton Echard Speaks On Paternity Suit Victory

Bachelor Clayton Echard is celebrating that Arizona Judge Julia Ann Mata ruled in his favor. People obtained court documents that stated Laura Owens “knowingly presented a false claim, knowingly violated a court order compelling disclosure or discovery.”

The document continued to say that the plaintiff “acted unreasonably when she initiated litigation without basis or merit. Without an authentic ultrasound, sonogram, physical examination, and in conjunction with a belief she passed tissue in July 2023, the Court finds the underlying Petition premature at best. At worst, however, fraudulent and made to incite communication, a relationship, or both, with the [Echard].”

After the ruling in court, Clayton said, “At the end of the day, I don’t want her to do this ever again to anybody else… I think she’s shown no signs of stopping. I mean, I was victim number four that we know of, and so we felt that especially when somebody commits a crime, they should have to face legal repercussions for doing so.”

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He also noted that after having this legal matter drag on for nearly a year, he remains shocked and excited that it appears to be over. Echard is very pleased that the judge sent the case to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for. They are hoping to have criminal charges against Owens. To him, this part was the ultimate victory.

Aside from Clayton winning the non-paternity part of the case, the judge also ordered her to pay his legal fees.

Clayton has gained tons of support from around the country including two well-known bloggers, Reality Steve and Dave Neal. Both have shown unwavering support for Clayton and his case despite being threatened with legal action by Owens themselves.


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She Plans To Appeal The Ruling

Laura Owens’ attorney, David Gingras, spoke with the news outlet and said that his client plans to appeal the verdict. The entire situation began last summer when Owens accused Clayton of getting her pregnant after a one-night stand. However, according to Clayton, sexual intercourse never took place.

Owens went on to claim that she was pregnant with twins. Later in her alleged pregnancy, she lost the babies. When she first announced the pregnancy she told Clayton the twins were due in February.

While she did have positive pregnancy tests, it was alleged that she was on something to make them positive. Plus, it was previously proven that Ms. Owens had stolen someone else’s ultrasound in an attempt to pass it off as her own.


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Even after Clayton’s victory, Laura Owens continues to maintain that she was indeed pregnant.

In the meantime, this recent ruling was certainly a victory for Clayton. What will happen next? Stay tuned for more updates.

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