‘American Idol’ Jon Bon Jovi Wants Katy Perry’s Job For Hefty Price Tag

Jon Bon Jovi via youtube

American Idol is still looking for Katy Perry’s replacement after she decided to pursue other things after seven years on the show. Lots of names have been thrown around for the job including some past winners. However, one of the biggest names being tossed around is Jon Bon Jovi. It seems he may be interested in the job. However, if he were to become a judge it would come with a hefty price tag for the network. Keep reading to find out more.

Jon Bon Jovi Wants American Idol Job But At A Hefty Price

American Idol is still looking for a judge to join Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie for the hit singing competition. Katy Perry has only officially been gone for a bit but completion for the gig seems to be heating up.

Many names are being thrown into the hat including country star Jelly Roll. Another big name of someone eager to get the job is Meghan Trainor. However, one of the most iconic names to enter the ring is Jon Bon Jovi. Many believe he would be the perfect addition to the show. Even better it seems he is interested in taking on the role.

Radar Online shared that Jon Bon Jovi wants the job but he also wants a hefty salary to go along with it. He reportedly would love the job but he wants a huge $25 million to do it.

Jon Bon Jovi/Credit: Jimmy Kimmel YouTube
Jon Bon Jovi/Credit: Jimmy Kimmel YouTube

It has not been disclosed how much others are wanting but chances are it is not as much as Jon Bon Jovi’s pricetag.

So far the show has not said who they are leaning toward for the open judges slot.

Who Else Could Get The Job?

Katy Perry herself said she would love to see Jelly Roll get the job. It has even been mentioned that a past American Idol winner could be offered the job. Jordin Sparks said she is throwing her name into the hat for a possible opportunity. Of course, Kelly Clarkson was also mentioned.

However, Kelly has already said she does not want the job. She has promised to keep her family in New York and American Idol films in California.

The American Idol cast | YouTube
The American Idol cast | YouTube

Regardless, they want someone who will gracefully tell the truth to contestants. An insider reportedly said, “Producers are having a hard time deciding. They want someone who checks all the boxes: star quality, a huge fan base, relatability and, preferably, no skeletons in their closet.”

Does Jon Bon Jovi check all the boxes? Is he worth the hefty price tag he wants?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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