‘Welcome To Plathville’ Moriah Plath Moved To Make Shocking New Change

Welcome To Plathville: Moriah Plath

Welcome To Plathville celeb Moriah Plath looks completely different these days than she has in the past. She recently opened up about all the changes she made, as well as what led her to make them. So, what did she have to say about everything she has done so far?

Welcome To Plathville: Moriah Plath Recently Debuted Shocking New Look

Welcome To Plathville fans who have been watching the family TLC show from the beginning are used to seeing Moriah Plath with her platinum blonde hair and red lipstick. Recently, though, she showed off her latest physical transformation, one that is a far cry from what viewers are used to seeing from her.

These days, the Welcome To Plathville celeb traded in those platinum blonde locks for a much darker brunette shade. For anyone not used to seeing Moriah Plath rocking this new look, the change is rather drastic. Overall, though, she seems more than happy with the result.

Welcome To Plathville: Moriah Plath
Welcome To Plathville: Moriah Plath/YouTube

TLC Celeb Has Never Been Afraid To Try Something New

Moriah Plath has never been afraid to try something new. She often experiments with different hair colors and more, in an attempt to find what suits her best. Of course, this is in stark contrast to the way the Plath children were raised. Still, it’s only natural that they’d want to experiment after the kind of upbringing they had.

In addition to her new, dark hair, Moriah flaunts her tattoos and more. Her sense of style has certainly become a vehicle for her to express herself and her individuality. From the looks of it, this next phase of her life and the accompanying aesthetic may be here to stay after all.

Moriah Plath shows off a new deep dark hair color. - Instagram/Reddit
Moriah Plath shows off a new deep dark hair color. – Instagram/Reddit

Welcome To Plathville: Moriah Plath Opens Up About What Inspired Drastic Change

Welcome To Plathville celeb Moriah Plath recently took to social media, sharing an update on what inspired her to make these recent changes. According to Moriah, she alluded to being moved by God to make the changes she has made.

She said that when “God wants you to work on something or stop doing something, sometimes that desire just slowly falls away.”

She went on to add: “Focus on the heart, the rest will follow! But I still like the red lipstick and I ain’t given that up anytime soon haha!”


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Moriah Plath also told her Welcome To Plathville fans the same thing about keeping her tattoos. At least for now, she seems to have found the aesthetic that currently fits her the most.

Whether or not that changes will certainly be something to watch for. Until then, Moriah seems more than comfortable with what she currently has going on, and her many followers love to see it.

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