Tyler Cameron Almost Didn’t Have a Chance With Hannah Brown

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Tyler Cameron almost didn’t have a chance with Bachelorette Hannah Brown. Fans wanted to see these two together. However, she chose someone else at the final rose ceremony and left Tyler brokenhearted. Then, everyone hoped they would reconnect once she asked him out at After the Final Rose. However, once more it seemed to fizzle out. It never seemed to be the right time for these two. What’s crazy is these almost never had a chance at all. What does that mean? Keep reading to find out more.

Hannah Brown Almost Sent Tyler Cameron Home

Bachelor Nation was almost denied getting to know and love Tyler Cameron. When Hannah Brown recently appeared on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, she told Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt that she came close to sending Tyler home on night one of her season.

Hannah revealed that there really wasn’t a connection between her and Tyler on night one. In fact, she thought something was wrong with him. She said, “So the thing about Tyler… I thought he was drunk or something was wrong with him when we first [met]. I was like, is this guy…? Like, I asked the producers to check on him. I was like, I think there’s something going on.”

Hannah thinks now that he was probably just really nervous but at that moment she had no idea what was going on. She even said his eyes were barely open at one point.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron via Facebook

She went on to say, “I’m like, is this guy here with us? I’m not sure. He is obviously attractive, but people, of course, always ask me about the top people in my [mind] that I ended up having connections with. And there wasn’t actually a connection with him the first night.”

Tyler ultimately did get a rose that night and would continue on to finish as the runner-up in Hannah’s season. She admits it was close though. She almost sent him home that very first night because she didn’t even get to really talk to him.

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Finally Back To Being Friends

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown are finally at a point in their relationship where they can be friends again. Both let a lot of hurt come between them for a long time. Now, Tyler is working on building his career and Hannah is engaged to Adam Woolard.

When asked if he would attend their wedding, Tyler had previously said that he would not attend.

What do you think about Hannah almost sending Tyler home on night one? Are you shocked?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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