Tom Bergeron Shares Shocking Info About ‘DWTS’

Tom Bergeron from Instagram

Dancing With The Stars notoriously fired Tom Bergeron just ahead of Season 29, but fans haven’t forgotten him at all. In fact, many stopped watching the show after the show replaced him with model Tyra Banks. Some have returned since Tyra left the show, but many still long for Tom Bergeron’s presence in the ballroom.

Years after leaving the show, Tom is shining more light on his time on the long-running competition show. He recently shared something that took his long-time fans incredibly by surprise.

What did he have to say?

Tom Bergeron Seems To Have Severed Ties Completely With DWTS

Dancing With The Stars fans overwhelmingly loved Tom Bergeron. Many found it incredibly difficult to keep watching after he parted ways with the show after 29 seasons.

In a recent interview, the long-time TV presenter made a startling confession about his time on the show.

Tom Bergeron from Instagram
Tom Bergeron/Instagram

“To be honest, I never watched it when I was hosting it. I watched it while I was there, obviously, but I never watched it as a TV show,” the former host shared with E! news.

Tom Bergeron didn’t watch the show when he was hosting and he doesn’t tune in now.

“There are some people I miss, but I’m really happy not hosting,” he added, before joking he also really misses the paycheck.


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But after the bad blood that went down between Tom and some of the executive staff, few fans can blame him. He was adamantly against inviting Donald Trump’s former press secretary Sean Spicer onto the show, which ultimately led to his firing.

“I said, ‘Well look, 2019 is the threshold to an election year in America, we are a very divided country,'” the former host admitted on Cheryl Burke’s podcast last fall. “Just nobody, of any party, don’t go there—just make us the wonderful escape from all that divisiveness for two hours a week.'”

Who Could Join Dancing With The Stars This Fall?

Many DWTS fans had hoped Tom Bergeron would return one day, even as a contestant. But with these new statements, it seems like the door may be closed on that possibility.

Even though Season 33 is still several months away, rumors are already flying about potential cast members. Fans fully expect NFL superstar Jason Kelce to receive an invite. And of course, various reality TV stars are likely in the running, such as Tom Sandoval and Sutton Stracke.

Were you surprised to hear that Tom Bergeron never really watched DWTS and doesn’t tune in now? Don’t forget to leave your own thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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