Theresa Nist Daughter Drops ‘Golden Bachelor’ Bombshell

Jen Woolston and Theresa Nist via Instagram

Golden Bachelor star Theresa Nist is going to be a grandma again. The exciting news comes just a week after her divorce from Gerry Turner became final. He filed for divorce on April 12 just three months after getting married. There have been mixed reports as to why they decided to end their marriage so quickly. Now, amid it all, Theresa’s daughter announced she is pregnant. Keep reading to find out more.

Golden Bachelor Theresa Nist Is Getting Another Grandchild

Golden Bachelor alum Theresa Nist is adding another grandchild to her family. Her daughter made the announcement just a week after her mother’s divorce from Gerry Turned became official.

Jen Woolston went to Instagram to share an exciting announcement with followers. It turns out that Theresa is going to be a grandma again. Jen shared the news that she is pregnant with her fourth child.

She shared photos of her and her baby bump which Theresa took on the beach last night. Jen also shared a video of one of her sons finding out they were going to be a brother. Then, they videoed telling Theresa and her reaction was priceless.

Theresa Nist and Jen Woolston/Credit: Theresa Nist Instagram
Theresa Nist and Jen Woolston/Credit: Theresa Nist Instagram

Jen began her post by saying, “For those of you that see me in daily life, you know this… I’m pregnant :)” She continued saying she really wanted another baby and couldn’t let it go. She said, “I had Dempsey at 27, Leo at 29, Henry at 32, and squeezing this babe in before I exit my 30s ha (aka 39, did a little thing on live television on my 39th bday so I imagine many of you know that).”

Everyone’s Reactions To The News

They waited until she was 14 weeks pregnant to tell their kids. Jen and Matt did a scavenger hunt to fill them in on their little secret. They told Theresa by using a game of hangman.


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She finished up her post by saying, “And since I know y’all will ask… we decided to not find out the gender, and we feel really good about waiting and seeing because whoever it is in there is who it’s meant to be 💛 ya know? Anyway, 20 weeks tomorrow and while I sit here and write this I feel the baby moving and it’s magical ✨”

A Reason Theresa Would Not Move?

Of course, rumor has it that Theresa Nist would not budge on moving from New Jersey per her and Gerry Turner’s original agreement. So, now to add fuel to the fire, could having a new grandbaby be one of the reasons she changed her mind?

So far the topic has not been addressed.

What do you think?

Stay tuned for more updates and congrats to Jen and her entire family.

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