‘Mama June’ Honey Boo Boo Brags, Sitting On Pile of Cash?

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Mama June: Family Crisis revealed that June Shannon, AKA Mama June, the mom of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson allegedly stole her daughter’s money that she needed for college. However, a new development has WeTV fans claiming they no longer feel sorry for her. Read on to find out why.

WeTV Star Honey Boo Boo Has Justin Stroud On Her Side

Mama June claimed that she put the legal amount of 20% of her daughter’s money into a Cougan account. The rest, she spent on other things. Well, her husband, Justin yelled at her and stood up for Alana after June said she wouldn’t pay back the money she had spent. Justin threatened that if she didn’t do right by Alana, he would reconsider his marriage to June.

Mama June, Justin Stroud/YouTube
Mama June, Justin Stroud – WeTV -YouTube

Honey Boo Boo has been asking for cash to help her fund her college studies. Some people sent in money, but others slammed the entire family for grifting. As Mama June: Family Crisis continued, many people slammed June for taking her daughter’s money and Alana threatened to take her mom to court. So, some WetV fans cheered her on. But, many of them are not cheering now.

Mama June: Family Crisis Fans Don’t Feel Sorry For Alana Now

On Reddit, a WeTV fan posted about how they don’t often watch the show, and they wondered what they had missed about the theft of the money. In part, they asked:

…Pumpkin…had figures, tax bracket deductions, paperwork, etc. Like she was dead serious. I know there’s a law in California where you have to save I think its 20% of a child’s earnings and put it into an account for them when they come of age. Alana is in school and it seems like all of this came about because she wants to continue paying for college but June is lying and bullsh–ting them about the amount of money Alana made and what she spent it on. I know Pumpkin isn’t super well liked…but she seemed genuinely angry on Alanas behalf here. Does anyone else have any more insight or context into this?

honey-boo-boo-youtube (2)
Honey Boo Boo – Mama June: Family Crisis  WeTV – YouTube

Others in the conversation saw a Live where Honey Boo Boo talked about how she does have money. Here’s what they are talking about:

  • I know Alana said on live that she has $160k sitting in an account in California. Why she won’t fly herself out there and get it is beyond me. I’m sure June spent money that should be Alana’s but this girl is on tiktok after that episode about June taking money begging for people to help pay for school while she has money to pay for school…
  • Yeah the moment on live when she said she had $160k in California, I stopped feeling sorry for her.
  • Yeah, something I don’t understand. get a job like a normal person. I understand she’s on tv and all but if your that worry about money then get to work sis. I understand her mom is a piece of shit but one thing I learned is at some point in life you can’t blame your parents for everything.

However, another fan thought that the $160k was the money that Mama June had spent. They said, “I thought June was telling her that she had $160k but in reality June had spent it. That’s what I got from watching the show.”

What are your thoughts about some WeTV fans thinking that Honey Boo Boo has $160k sitting in an account in California? If that is the case, do you understand why fewer people feel sorry for her now? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Mama June: Family Crisis news.

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