‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Angry & Confused Over Abrupt Schedule Change

Ken Jennings - Jeopardy!

Recently, Jeopardy! fans got an unexpected surprise that left many of them angry and confused. When many fans tried to watch the latest episode, they were sadly stunned by schedule changes.

Jeopardy! Disappoints Fans

Undeniably, Jeopardy! fans are getting sick and tired of the network messing with the schedule. Notably, these upsets seem to be happening with greater frequency lately. Nothing is worse than settling into the recliner and getting ready to cheer on the latest Super Champion, only to realize, the show is a dud. In like fashion, many Jeopardy! fans had a similar unpleasant experience when trying to watch Adriana Harmeyer battle for her day fifteen streak.

Ken Jennings - Jeopardy!
Ken Jennings – Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! Fans Angry & Confused Over Abrupt Schedule Change

Unfortunately, some markets didn’t carry the latest episode of Jeopardy! Instead, many fans were getting comfy only to discover Adriana Harmeyer was competing as a nine-time winner in an unexpected rerun of several nights prior. While others said they had hockey finals on instead of the planned show. On June 18, Redditors were quick to discuss Adriana’s amazing gameplay that landed her day fifteen as reigning champ. However, several fans were angry they didn’t get the chance to see her extend her streak.

Returning champ Adriana Harmeyer - Jeopardy!
Returning champ Adriana Harmeyer – Jeopardy!

Fans Talk About The Mishap

Although some of the country was right on schedule getting to see Jeopardy! Super Champ Adriana Harmeyer face-off with more challengers, some people were disgruntled by the lost opportunity.

  • “This episode didn’t air in the Tulsa market today. The one airing today is Adriana’s tenth win. Anyone know why?”
  • “Same in Baltimore.”
  • “Can try the DC viewing at 7:30. Hopefully, it’s new.”
  • “Same here in Nashville. Not the first time this has happened here.”
  • “Same in South Florida. They keep showing Panthers pre-game stuff.”

Adriana Harmeyer Keeps Pushing

While not everyone was able to tune into the latest Jeopardy! triumph, Adriana Harmeyer is still going strong. For those that missed it, she added another notch in her belt. Adriana took on another nail-biting Final Jeopardy! and came through victorious. During the episode, Ken Jennings praises Adriana for capturing twelve out of the fourteen rounds. He astoundingly, says, “Phenomenal.” At one point, she won against her competitors with $6,800. After a $2200 true Daily Double miss, Mark Gagliardi, an actor and podcaster originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, had $2,800 remaining. Colleen Matthews, a speech-language pathologist from Portland, Oregon, ended with $3,400.

Adriana Harmeyer speaks highly of her competitors. - Instagram
Adriana Harmeyer speaks highly of her Jeopardy! competitors. – Instagram

Final Jeopardy! Gives Her Some Trouble

While Final Jeopardy! hasn’t been her strong suit lately, Ken Jennings calls her out noticing she waits until the last thirty seconds to write her answer. He says, “Adriana has been lights out on Final Jeopardy, but she looked at this one for a long, long time.” However, upon her reveal, she had the correct answer, which was “Beirut.” Giving the strong player a little harassing, Ken jokes, “At the last second, she did!” but the crowd gulps. Even so, Ken congratulated her on advancing, saying “She just keeps going!” She is now a fifteen-day champ with a total of $349,600 in winnings.

  • One fan on Reddit says, “Good grief! Adriana totally suckered me in with her expression before the reveal of her correct FJ answer! I thought she had blown it for sure. Great game.”
  • “It might also be possible that, since she wrote the response so late, she wasn’t 100% sure it was legible enough. So it might’ve been genuine nervousness.”

What do you think about the scheduling issues? Did you get to see the latest episode of Jeopardy!? Drop your comments below.

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  1. I really like Drew as well as Adrianna also. They were both very entertaining and a lot of fun to watch and both deserved to win. And I like Ken Jennings as the host too. My husband and I have been enjoying watching this show a lot lately.

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