How Much Do Carlin & Whitney Bates Make On BSB?

Whitney Bates & Carlin Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @zachnwhitbates Instagram

Bringing Up Bates stars Carlin and Whitney Bates are some of the most successful members of the family today. The two are currently running the Bates Sisters Boutique. Erin was one of the store’s co-owners before she left in November 2021. However, Carlin and Whitney worked even harder to keep the company running. Due to this, many are curious about how much they’re making today. Keep reading to see the discussion.

Bringing Up Bates: Why Did Erin Bates Leave BSB?

Erin, Carlin, and Whitney launched the Bates Sistes Boutique without expecting how much they would make. The Bringing Up Bates stars learned from scratch and confessed they didn’t know what size to make the most of. However, they were positive that they’d have fun in the business venture. Erin also revealed that one of BSB’s main goals is to help other young moms and girls find affordable dresses that are “comfortable and stylish.”

Erin Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From Chad & Erin YouTube
Erin Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From Chad & Erin YouTube

Unfortunately, Erin eventually parted ways with Carlin and Whitney. The reason behind her departure remains a mystery. However many people believe that it has something to do with the alleged conflict between Erin and Carlin about what styles of clothing they should sell.

How Much Do Carlin & Whitney Make On BSB?

Some Redditors discussed how much Carlin and Whitney make from the Bates Sisters Boutique. It’s no secret that their TV fame helped boost their sales, and it seems that the store is doing much better today. The Bringing Up Bates stars have yet to share how much they actually make. But there are speculations that they might be earning at least $10K or more e per month. Others agreed and pointed out that it could be more, as they have already expanded their targeted customers aside from those who only wanted modesty.

Whitney Bates & Carlin Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @carlinbates98 Instagram
Whitney Bates & Carlin Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @carlinbates98 Instagram
  • “A lot, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got $10,000.”
  • “I’d say its between 6,5k – 8k per couple, i think I think Zach and Whitney’s expensive car was the biggest giveaway that the company is doing okay, from what they post they don’t seem to live frugal especially with as many kids as they have.”
  • “No one knows but considering the trips, constant new clothes, new cars, a pool for Carlin & Evan I’d say they are making tens of thousands a month. Erin should of have stayed her and Chad could have bought a house by now.”
  • “Probably between $3000-$8000 if I had to guess.”

Bringing Up Bates: Carlin & Whitney Bates’ Huge BSB Milestone

Carlin and Whitney also took to social media in April to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Bates Sisters Boutique. The Bringing Up Bates star offered multiple giveaways and massive discounts to thank all of their supporters. Carlin and Whitney Bates have also been busy creating new clothing designs over the past few weeks, showing that the store is still thriving.

Both of their husbands have their own ways of earning income. Whitney’s husband, Zach, has been uploading cooking tutorial vlogs on his YouTube channel. Meanwhile, Evan Stewart continues to make vlogs with Carlin and their kids.

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  1. Come on, there was no feud between Erin vs Whitney and Carlin. Erin and her family moved to Florida several years ago so of course she can’t show up at the store…….

  2. Come on there was differences. Seems like Chad did all the work to get the website up Erin picked clothes to order. I can remember one show where Erin was talking to Whitney and Carlin and they looked at each other and did the eye roll. Whitney was a rebel even when Zach first met her I can remember an episode when the Duggars I believe came in town for Erin’s wedding or something and Zach had Whitney as his girlfriend her outfit was not moderate at all. Carlin has always been the rebel in the family so the two of them I do believe pushed Erin out of the business with their actions after of course Chad did 99% of the work to get retail store built.

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