‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner’s Ex In Rare Form, Pic

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner - Bachelor Nation - ABC YouTube

Golden Bachelor stars Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist are now officially divorced, and so the attention now turns to other contestants. One of them looked amazing recently, and ABC fans were blown away because she looked stunning in a rare photo. Read on to find out which of Gerry’s exes got fans gasping.

ABC’s Golden Bachelor Contestants Stay In The Spotlight

Gerry Turner stopped being on mainstream TV so much after he and Theresa split just three months after their wedding. Of course, people do talk about him, but they also have a whole bunch of other people to talk about. Of course, there’s Joan Vassos who self-eliminated but later became selected for the Golden Bachelorette. Some fans were shocked by the producer’s choice for the first-ever lead. Many hoped Faith Martin would be offered the role.

Faith Martin and Gerry Turner/Golden Bachelor YouTube
Faith Martin and Gerry Turner – Golden Bachelor – ABC YouTube

Golden Bachelor ex, Leslie Fhima was another contestant from Gerry Turner’s season that fans hoped would get a second chance. Then there is Kathy Swarts and Susan Noles who landed their Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour. Apart from the news that Gerry was nominated for an award for People’s Choice, ABC fans seem more interested in his ex-contestants. Read on to find out who is the talk of social media at the moment.

Gerry Turner Contestant In Rare Photo

It was Faith Martin who caught the attention of ABC fans this week. Remember, Faith placed third behind Leslie Fhima. Faith is the the one who loves horses and she got Gerry Turner up on one during their hometown date. ABC fans are used to seeing Faith Martin out riding her horses, but they never expected to see her looking amazing in a beautiful dress while sitting astride one of her horses.

Faith Martin In Rare Photo - Credit - Jeanie Deno - Instagram
Faith Martin In Rare Photo – Credit – Jeanie Deno – Instagram

On Instagram, the Golden Bachelor alum shared a reel set to Steven Solveig’s Beautiful Nature. Unfortunately, the horse’s head couldn’t be seen, but the photo which was taken by her friend wasn’t spoiled by that. In her caption, Faith said:

Because sometimes you just want to ride in a dress!! 🤷‍♀️😁 My sweet friend Jeanie Deno took this pic!

Gerry Turner’s ex, Theresa Nist replied to the post, saying,You look gorgeous, Faith.” Other Bachelor Nation cast members and fans commented on the lovely photo. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • Beautiful inside and out! A magazine cover!
  • Fabulous picture. You look so beautiful.
  • How stunning!!! Such a beautiful photo!!! Should be on a magazine cover!!! Love it Faith !!! ❤️❤️🤍😍
  • Gorgeous!! The dress is pretty too!
  • Omg yes. Amazing photo. Personally, I don’t think riding in a dress is for me, but it sure suits you!

What are your thoughts about Faith Martin looking amazing in a rare photo of a woman wearing a dress while sitting on a horse? Do you agree it should be on a magazine cover? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Golden Bachelor news.

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