‘Farmhouse Fixer’ Jonathan Knight Fighting For Dream Farmhouse

Jonathan Knight from Farmhouse Fixer | YouTube

Former New Kids on the Block star Jonathan Knight has become popular in his post-music days for home renovations. Knight has his own reality TV show on HGTV called Farmhouse Fixer, where he renovates farmhouses. However, he is now facing legal problems with his own farmhouse.

Here is what you need to know about Knight’s struggles to renovate his own farmhouse.

Jonathan Knight In Legal Battle For His Farm

Jonathan Knight created a new empire after NKOTB with his work on his HGTV renovation show Farmhouse Fixer. However, while he has helped many people fix up their farmhouses, the Trustees of Reservations in Essex, Massachusetts, won’t let him renovate his own.

Jonathan Knight from Farmhouse Fixer | YouTube
Jonathan Knight from Farmhouse Fixer | YouTube

This is due to restrictions governing Knight’s farm, which date back to 1976. The restrictions safeguard the land’s natural integrity and agricultural essence. They stipulate that only “structures supporting farming activities” can be constructed (via Meaww).

Knight has been working to get permission to renovate his farmhouse and says he has encountered only delays and red tape. The main issue is that a central staircase in the barn was deemed for “residential purposes” and not farming. The organization has filed a lawsuit against Knight and demanded that he convert it into a barn that is compliant with their restrictions or demolish it.

Knight Wanted To Make This A Farmhouse To Live In

Jonathan Knight insists he wants to use the farmhouse to settle in with his husband, raise a family, and cultivate crops. He wants to use the farmhouse for its intended purpose — to farm the land — but since he created the staircase to live there as well, it seems to be against the restrictions.

Jonathan Knight from Farmhouse Fixer | YouTube
Jonathan Knight from Farmhouse Fixer | YouTube

While his relationship with the Trustees has reached a breaking point, Jonathan Knight said he will continue fighting to make this his dream home. He claims he kept building despite the red tape and rejections because he believed his actions were within the rules and that he would eventually secure the needed permissions.

Knight’s plan was to move into the farmhouse and settle down with his husband, Harley Rodriguez. Harley is best known as an actor from the 1990s sitcom Sweet Valley Highwhere he played Manny Lopez. When he met Jonathan, he was then working as a personal trainer.

Fans also go to see them together when they competed in The Amazing Race Season 26. The couple have struggled recently in raising a family as they faced several fertility issues.

What are your thoughts on Jonathan Knight’s struggles with his dream farmhouse in Massachusetts? Do you think this will get resolved, or will he have to find somewhere new to build his dream farmhouse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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