‘LPBW’ Fans Slam Audrey Roloff’s Seating Arrangement As ‘Gross’

Audrey Roloff - Credit Jeremy Roloff - Instagram

Audrey Roloff got slammed because TLC fans thought that the Little People, Big World alum let her three older children behave grossly. Ember, (6), Bode, (4), and Radley Knight, (2), were trying out some new taste sensations at the time. Presumably, her new baby, Mirabella was sleeping in her stroller or crib.

Audrey Roloff Gets Slammed On Almost A Daily Basis

Bashing reality TV stars seems to be a national sport so they need really thick skins. But in the case of Jeremy Roloff’s wife, it doesn’t seem to matter what people say. She seems to ignore all of it. Are TLC fans being too fussy? Well, it can be argued that putting kids onto a moving ATV without a helmet can be dangerous. Plus, allowing a toddler to play with sparklers could also cause an injury. This week, critics talked about the children being “gross.”

Audrey Roloff - Instagram
TLC Alums Jeremy Roloff, Audrey Roloff – Instagram

Audrey Roloff takes so much criticism, but it doesn’t stop her from posting more and more photos of her children. Some folks were angry that the LPBW alum shared photos of the barefoot children grounding with the earth in chilly early spring. Additionally, they watched the refurbishment of her home with lots of head-shaking. Combine the kids with that, and there are two angles to slam her from.

Little People, Big World Fans Claim Gross Behavior

On Tuesday this week, the LPBW alum took to her stories and someone on Reddit shared a screenshot. It showed the three older kids all sitting on the kitchen island countertop. In her caption, the former TLC star had written, “Introducing the kids to pizookie.” Although it seemed like a sweet family gathering, critics claimed they felt that the photo was gross.

The Kids Sit On The Kitchen Island - Audrey Roloff Via Reddit
The Kids Sit On The Kitchen Island – Audrey Roloff Via Reddit

The OP took aim at Jeremy and Audrey Roloff by saying:

I don’t think it will ever stop being weird that the island is intentionally too big to sit AT, so they sit ON.

Critics of the kitchen island - Reddit
Critics of Audrey Roloff’s Kitchen Island Reddit

In the comments section, LPBW fans discussed the hygiene of the couple who let the kids sit on an eating surface. Here are some reactions:

  • gross with their dirty bums and feet on it.
  • I’m childfree, and while I am generally ok with children I also find them to be both sticky and gooey. This picture affirms my decision 🤢
  • Feet and b–ts. Neither belong on the counter/island. Gross.
  • Bunch of dirty feet next to my pizookie – yummmmm!
  • I personally find this gross. My kids feet do not go on my tables or countertops ever.

What are your thoughts about the kids sitting on the kitchen island to eat their pizookie? Do you agree that it’s gross because they put their feet on it? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Little People, Big World news.

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