‘Family Feud’ Player Wants Steve Harvey As Their ‘Daddy’?

Family Feud: Steve Harvey

A Family Feud episode leading up to Father’s Day 2024 left one contestant wanting Steve Harvey as their father. What happened with this recent exchange on the family show?

Family Feud Audiences Have To Be Prepared For Anything

One of the major things that keeps fans tuning into new episodes of Family Feud is the unpredictable nature of the show. In addition to being a good laugh and a quick boost to help release some of that laughter in easily digestible segments, the unpredictable nature of the show is another aspect that keeps viewers on their toes.

Family Feud watchers never know what question Steve Harvey will ask next. Sometimes, even more unpredictable than the survey questions are the responses that players give. Some of them are so out of left field that they end up being viral clips on social media. So, even viewers who don’t tune in regularly can still see the hilarity that takes place on a regular basis.

Steve Harvey cringes but allows Shirley to explain. - Family Feud
Steve Harvey cringes but allows Shirley to explain. – Family Feud

Player Wants Steve Harvey To Be Their New Dad?

In a recent Family Feud segment, Steve Harvey asked players: “Name a reason it’d be great to have Steve Harvey as your father.”

A contestant slammed on her buzzer right away, answering: “He’s rich.”

The best part about this is, not only is this true, but, it was also the top spot on the board. If that were not enough, Steve Harvey even got fired up. He banged on the podium, shouted an enthusiastic “Yes!” and even went in for a high-five for the superb answer.

Steve Harvey didn’t stop there in recent Family Feud scenes. He even went in for a few more high-fives for good measure.

Often, when Steve Harvey is the subject of survey questions, they make fun of things like his bald head or something else. This time around, though, there was a positive answer about him to celebrate, and Harvey made sure not to waste the opportunity.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey/YouTube

Family Feud: How Rich Is Steve Harvey?

With Steve Harvey’s enthusiastic response to his wealth, many Family Feud fans might be wondering just how much the host, comedian, actor, and business owner is worth in 2024. According to the latest estimates from Geeks for Geeks, Steve Harvey has plenty of reason to celebrate, as he has an estimated net worth of $200M.

@familyfeud Name a reason it’d be great to have #SteveHarvey as your dad. 🧐💰🥲 Happy Father’s Day! #FamilyFeud ♬ DAD – Family Feud

Every once in a while, Steve Harvey is the target when a survey question comes around. However, if Steve Harvey ever gets down on himself for being the target of public ridicule, he needs only to check his bank account for an instant dopamine boost.

He is rich enough that Family Feud players want to be part of his family. So, that’s certainly saying something as well.

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