‘9-1-1’ Crew Member Rico Priem’s Sad Cause Of Death Revealed

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9-1-1 crew member, Rico Priem’s sad cause of death has now been revealed. He was killed in a tragic car wreck on May 11th, 2024, so just over a month ago. Now, there are more answers to what happened that fateful day are here. Keep reading for more details on Rico and his passing.

9-1-1 Crew Member Rico Priem’s Sad Cause Of Death Revealed

It has been slightly over a month since 9-1-1 grip, Rico Priem was killed in a car accident. He had worked fourteen hours overnight and was driving his Toyota Highlander. Tragically, at Via Verde Drive, Rico’s Highlander exited the tarmac “went up an embankment, and flipped onto its roof.” Per Nina Moskol, who had worked with the sixty-six-year-old, he was headed toward retirement, had the papers filed, and was ready to enjoy all of his passions:

“He had his already rich life planned for retirement, including spending time with his wife, watching his grand-nephew grow, riding his beloved Harley, and even gripping still to stay connected to his friends. He was so jazzed about what he had learned about retiring, he wanted to teach the ins and outs of retirement at the local.”

Rico Priem-YouTube
Rico Priem-YouTube

Now, the cause of Rico’s death, or what led to this car wreck, has been revealed. According to People, the 9-1-1 crew member suffered a heart attack while driving home from work. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s office shared that the autopsy stated the exact cause was sudden cardiac dysfunction. Additionally, it is considered all-natural and he had no drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of death.


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More so, Angela Bassett, who plays Athena Grant on 9-1-1, had this to say about Rico Priem:

“The studio, 9-1-1, we all extend our deepest condolences to his friends, to his family. It was just a very, very sad moment. We’re all rocked by it, certainly. It’s the first time [we experience death]. We have births, you know, we have weddings and now to experience this.”

His death truly brought the cast full circle and they had to process this as a team which clearly was not an easy feat. Bassett continued by saying this about Rico’s passing:

“We thought it was important to come together and have whatever bit of service and offer whatever we can do to his family, ’cause we know that we’ll miss him but we know they will miss him even more.”

A New Season Ahead

9-1-1 has been renewed for an eighth season, which is an amazing achievement. The show had moved networks from FOX to ABC so it was unclear how well it would do. Fortunately, Rico Priem was alive when the show got the green light for another year so he was able to celebrate with the cast and crew. Now, they can go back and give it their all in his honor and for the dedicated viewers. More so, Rico’s family and friends have an answer as to why and how this all happened even if it is still extraordinarily painful.

Did you suspect that a heart problem was to blame for Rico’s untimely passing? Let us know your thoughts and may he rest in peace.

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