‘Teen Mom’ Car Crashes Into Chelsea DeBoer’s Store, Is She OK?

Chelsea DeBoer, Cole DeBoer-Instagram

A car has crashed into former Teen Mom star, Chelsea DeBoer’s storefront but is she okay? More so, will they be able to reopen the brick-and-mortar store or is it going to be down for some time? Keep reading for all of the details on the awful crash.

Teen Mom Car Crashes Into Chelsea DeBoer’s Store, Is She OK?

When fans first met Chelsea DeBoer (Houska), she was a pregnant teenager on 16 & Pregnant, in love with Adam Lind. He was a bad boy who didn’t care about her or her needs. They tried to make it work because she was in love with him and they had a daughter, Aubree. Yet, things just did not pan out the way that they had hoped, as seen on Teen Mom and she was left to be a single parent. Luckily, Chelsea met Cole DeBoer and he stepped right up.

Chelsea Houska, Layne DeBoer-Instagram
Chelsea Houska, Layne DeBoer-Instagram

They went on to have three more children, Layne, Walker, and Watson as well as tie the knot. He embraced Aubree as his own and they have all created a beautiful little family. After leaving Teen Mom, Chelsea and Cole started to get into renovations. They even have their own HGTV show called Down Home Fab which has been highly successful. Plus, she has her own clothing collaborations and the couple has their own home goods store, Down Home DeBoers. They have been doing a soft launch since March 2024 with the Grand Opening set for July 13th but something shocking just happened.


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According to @teenmomfanz, a BMW crashed into the window of their store, Down Home DeBoers. The store was closed all weekend after the wreck. Luckily, it appears the couple was fine as they were said to have rushed right to the scene after getting the news. They remained closed on Monday, June 17th but posted on their store Instagram that they would be back to usual on Tuesday, June 18th. So, it seems that they were able to fix it up fairly quickly.

Everything Is Alright

It is unclear what caused the crash but fortunately, Cole and Chelsea DeBoer remain unharmed. Additionally, it seems that the Teen Mom alum’s store is also in fairly good shape. However, the BMW that smashed into the store did not get away so nicely. As of now, the grand opening is still set for July 13th and followers are very excited about this. They have both VIP and regular access so fans can make a day out of it. Hopefully, nothing else happens between now and then.

Are you shocked at what went down? Thankfully, everyone is okay. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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