‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shares Son’s ‘Branding Iron’ Injury

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Recently, The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond gave tribute to her husband, Ladd Drummond. But at the same time, she shared a serious injury her son, Todd Drummond had with a branding iron.

Ree Drummond Is A Devoted Mom

As a mother of five kids, Ree Drummond has worked diligently to also juggle a successful career. Building her career around her homesteading Pawhuska, OK, ranch, she has treated fans to flavorful and fun lifestyle ideas. While she is best known as The Pioneer Woman, she is also a “writer, photographer, ranch wife,” and makes many appearances on Food Network. As a mom to Alex, Paige, Bryce, Jamar, and Todd she stays extremely busy. Reportedly, the bustling culinary author is writing a new book about her family according to her website. But she doesn’t take all the credit for raising great kids. Alongside Ree is her dutiful husband, Ladd Drummond. Furthermore, she gives Ladd a nod for all he has done for the kids.

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Ree Drummond Shares Son’s ‘Branding Iron’ Injury

On Ree Drummond’s Instagram page, she posted a photo of her husband, Ladd Drummond, and her son, Todd Drummond. On June 16, she gave Ladd a “Happy Father’s Day” shoutout for being a great dad. But while she was sharing, she gave fans some information about Todd having a branding iron accident. With a throwback photo shown, Ree says, “Ladd and Todd, 2006-ish.” In the image, Ladd is embracing a very young Todd, who looks to be a toddler at the time. Todd’s little arm extends to his dad’s shoulder as he gives him a sweet kiss. But Todd’s tiny hand noticeably has a thick bandage around it.

Ladd and Todd - Instagram
Ladd and Todd Drummond – Instagram

Then, Ree Drummond fills fans in on what happened to Todd. Like many little boys, Todd was a huge fan of superheroes and used every opportunity to become one. Then, she says, “Todd loved superheroes and thought the branding iron was a sword. 🫤.” Although it was tough and didn’t end well at that moment, Ree adds, “Despite the rough day, I love this pic from later that evening.” Sentimentally, she sends gratitude for Ladd, “Happy Father’s Day to the father of my babies. ❤️😭.”

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Accidents Happen

In Ree Drummond’s touching tribute to Ladd Drummond, fans could see the love and care between Ladd and Todd. Although painful to think about, accidents happen and it is special to still scoop up a child and comfort them even at the worst times in life. However, Ree’s precious picture shows love amid the pain. Fans commented on the sweet exchange.

  • However, some people thought it was a new baby. “Ladd looks the same! I was thinking’ ‘wait, did I miss a grand baby?’”
  • “Ohhhh man…sweet baby boy…💪🏼💙.”
  • “😭😭😭😭😭😭.”
  • “Aww…what a beautiful picture, Ree! 🥹 (despite sweet little Todd’s injury! 😢) Happy Father’s Day to Ladd, and ALL the wonderful dads out there! 💙💙💙.”
  • “Awww! Sweet tough little AND big cowboys. And I’m quite sure mama cowgirl was being super tough for her baby too.”
  • Likewise, many fans hurt for Ree Drummond’s little guy, “Ouch! Tough lesson.”
  • “My heart hurt reading that. Ouch.”

What do you think about Ree Drummond’s tribute to her husband and father of her kids, Ladd Drummond? Are you interested to read a book about her family? Do you enjoy keeping up with The Pioneer Woman? Drop your comments below.

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