Mama June Shannon Shares Big Update On Kaitlyn

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Mama June Shannon is sharing a big update on Anna Cardwell’s eldest child, Kaitlyn Shannon. She is currently being raised by June and her husband, Justin Stroud. Yet, there has been some debate about whether that is what Anna really would have wanted. So, how is Kaitlyn doing in the wake of her mother’s death? Keep reading for more details.

Mama June Shannon Shares Big Update On Kaitlyn

As Anna Cardwell’s condition was progressively getting worse, Mama June and Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird were encouraging her to start thinking about the future. They wanted her to be prepared in case something happened to her and she was not around. Where would her girls go? She had two daughters, Kylee and Kaitlyn but did not want to deal with her own mortality. This made complete sense as Anna said she just wanted to see Kaitlyn get to high school. That is still a short time away. Kylee would be headed to her father, Michael Cardwell’s house but what about Kaitlyn?

Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook
Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook

Her birth father had never been in her life and Michael was the one who helped raise her. Then there was Anna’s longtime boyfriend turned husband, Eldridge Toney. It did not seem he was a candidate and Pumpkin really wanted to step up. However, she had four children and her husband felt they could not handle any more kids. Justin Stroud was nervous as it was a huge undertaking but they have been doing the best they possibly can. Now, June is giving a huge update on how Kaitlyn has been adjusting to life without her mother around.

According to In Touch Weekly, Mama June shared Kaitlyn is doing very well despite the circumstances:

“She’s actually been doing really good. She went to public school when we got her. Her grades were a lot better than the little school that she was going to.”

Even though Kaitlyn is making strides, she still has moments where she struggles and her aunts agree that she is likely in “shock” over what happened. So, they take time to communicate as much as they can, per June:

“We try to sit down and, like, speak with her and everything and we’re like, ‘Life looks …. the picture looks a little bit different now that your mama’s not here.’ I don’t think it’s honestly fair that Anna’s not raising Kylee and Kaitlyn. Like, I shouldn’t be doing it and Michael [Cardwell] shouldn’t be doing it. It should be Anna. Period point blank. I said it. I’ve always said it to people.”

A Little Anna

They do note how much Kaitlyn looks like her mother, Anna Cardwell. She went to a dance a short time back and the resemblance was uncanny. Both Mama June and Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird shared how Kaitlyn being around is a reminder of Anna. As for Anna’s youngest daughter, Kylee, they have not been in contact with her, as they alleged it is per Michael Cardwell’s wishes:

“Anna and Michael had a rocky past and things like that, so I mean, it is what it is. I respect his wishes, but I do think that Kylee and Kaitlyn really struggle with that because they’ve always been together.”

Michael tells a different story and maintains that he raised Kaitlyn as if she were her own. More so, he claims that he paid for Kaitlyn’s education even after he and Anna parted ways. When Anna passed, he did go to court to fight for custody of Kaitlyn as he believed the sisters should stay together, as well.

Are you happy to hear that Kaitlyn is doing well despite the loss of her mother? Yet, do you believe that Mama June’s home is the right place for her? Let us know and watch Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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