Justin Timberlake Refused Breathalyzer Prior To Arrest

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Singer Justin Timberlake is in hot water after being pulled over by police in Sag Harbor, New York early Tuesday morning. The Grammy Award winner was pulled over after police saw him cruise through a stop sign in his 2025 BMW. After speaking with officers, they asked Timberlake to consent to a breathalyzer. He refused. He was taken into custody on charges of driving while intoxicated. Keep reading to find out more.

Justin Timberlake Refused Officer Request For Breathalyzer

Justin Timberlake is making headlines Tuesday after being arrested around 12:37 A.M. in Sag Harbor. People were able to obtain the arrest report and disclosed details about Timberlake’s encounter with police.

After failing to stop at a stop sign and also swerving into another lane, Timberlake was pulled over by authorities. The report stated he “fail to keep on the right side of the roadway.” Upon being confronted by police, Justin claimed to only have had one martini and was then following friends home.

The police report had comments made by the arresting officer about what happened. He said Timberlake’s “eyes were bloodshot and glassy, a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was emanating from his breath, he was unable to divide attention, he had slowed speech, he was unsteady afoot, and he performed poorly on all standardized field sobriety tests.” Justin would not consent to a breathalyzer.

Once he was processed into the jail, he was read the alcohol influence report. Justin said, “No, I’m not doing a chemical test.” The officers read it to him two more times and each time he refused to consent to the breathalyzer.

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He Was Charged And Spent The Night In Jail

Justin Timberlake was charged with driving while intoxicated. He was also given tickets for the other two mishaps police originally pulled him over for. He was not released in those early hours. Instead, he stayed in jail until his arraignment this morning.

At the arraignment, Timberlake was accompanied by his attorney. Police did have him handcuffed with his hands in front of him rather than behind.

He did not have to pay bail money and was released after being told the charges and when his court date would be.

Justin was with his attorney when he exited the courthouse. Jessica Biel was not there. She was reportedly filming in New York City on Monday night.

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