Justin Timberlake Masking Alcohol Problem For Years?

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The pop world was shocked waking up Tuesday morning to the news that Grammy winner Justin Timberlake had been arrested. He was arrested in Sag Harbor, New York on charges of driving while intoxicated. Timberlake was also given citations for running a stop sign and not staying in his lane of traffic. Following his arrest, many are wondering if he has been masking an alcohol problem for years. Keep reading to find out what some inside sources are saying.

Does Justin Timberlake Have An Alcohol Problem?

Justin Timberlake appeared in court Tuesday after being pulled over and arrested by police for driving under the influence. He told police he had only consumed one martini while out with friends at the American Hotel. After leaving and following his friends, Timberlake was pulled over only a mile from the hotel.

He was given a field sobriety test which he failed and then refused a breathalyzer. Police placed him under arrest and handcuffed him while the friends he was following attempted to step in and help. It didn’t work. Justin was booked into jail where he stayed until seeing the judge on Tuesday.

Now, sources are speaking out with conflicting information. Page Six spoke with a source who said, “It’s not a secret. Everyone knows. He has a real drinking problem, a lot of weed — but a major alcohol problem and he’s been hiding and masking it for years.”

Justin Timberlake-YouTube
Justin Timberlake-YouTube

However, there is another source who disagrees. Another insider said Justin had been staying away from alcohol prior to his arrest. They said he was living better and even cutting some weight. He was working on getting ready for his first tour in five years. The tour kicked off in April.

The first source claims many around Justin were enablers to his problem. They said, “It’s a real thing, and when you have a drinking problem, it’s apparent, yet they’ve pushed this tour on him, and he’s been a very dark place.” The source says the problem goes way back for years.

Another Source Says Different

Justin Timberlake did have another inside source close to the situation who said he was fine. They said, “He’s in great shape. His tour is sold out. He’s in a good space.” They claim he’s never been better.

So far Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have not spoken out regarding his arrest. Many are worried some tour dates in Europe will be canceled due to Justin’s court date.

What do you think about it all?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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