How To Stream Lifetime’s New Movie ‘The Bad Orphan’

Chloe Coco Chapman The Bad Orphan - YouTube/Lifetime

Lifetime‘s most recent drama movie The Bad Orphan is slated to premiere on the network on Saturday, June 22. The movie is inspired by the true events of the adoption of Natalia Grace. Keep reading to find out when the movie will air and where you’ll be able to stream The Bad Orphan after its release.

What Is The Bad Orphan About?

The official synopsis for the movie reads, “The psychological drama centers on Jessica and Karl, Rhiannon’s loving parents to Rhiannon (Eve Edwards), who after many years of striving to expand, is thrilled to adopt Gabby, an 8-year-old orphan born with personal challenges.”‘

As mentioned above, The Bad Orphan is inspired by the story of Natalia Grace’s adoption. It takes a look at the lives of Jessica (played by Betsy Brandt) and Karl (Mark Taylor) following the adoption.

Chloe Coco Chapman The Bad Orphan - YouTube/Lifetime

In the Lifetime film, they are both portrayed as great parents to their daughter Rhiannon (Eve Edwards). However, they always felt like their family was not complete and they wanted another child. Their lives are completely turned upside down when they decide to adopt Gabby (Chloe Coco Chapman). Gabby is an eight-year-old who seems to have faced a number of difficult things in her short life.

Although the movie is fictional, it seems to mirror some of the real-life events of Michael and Kristine Barnett’s story. The couple adopted a six-year-old girl in 2010. Eventually, they started to wonder if they actually adopted a young child at all.

The couple claimed that Natalia was posing as a child. She has a type of dwarfism called spondyloepiphyseal and seemed to be using her small stature to carry out malicious behavior.

How To Stream The Bad Orphan

According to the Barnetts, Natalia tried to hurt them and their other children. They said that there were several instances where she tried to harm them, including an attempt to electrocute Kristine and putting thumbtacks on the stairs to hurt them.

Two years after they adopted Natalia, they petitioned to change her legal age to 22. The next year, the family relocated to Canada and left Natalia behind. She continued to live alone in an apartment in Lafayette.

After going through so much of this together, Michael and Kristine Barnett eventually got divorced. They faced charges of neglect of a dependent. The couple wasn’t able to be charged with child neglect due to Natalia’s legal age.

Chloe Coco Chapman The Bad Orphan - YouTube/Lifetime

The Bad Orphan somewhat follows this storyline but maintains that it is fictional.  It is set to air on Lifetime on June 22 at 8 p.m. EST.

Once the movie has premiered on Lifetime, you will be able to stream it with Philo, Sling, and DIRECTV.

Watch the trailer for The Bad Orphan below.

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