‘Days Of Our Lives’ Jack Devereaux Is Finally Back After One Year

Days Of Our Lives Matthew Ashford - YouTube/Bionic Buzz

Days Of Our Lives viewers are finally getting to see the return of a fan-favorite character. Jack Devereaux, who is portrayed by Matthew Ashford, is returning to the soap after a year-long hiatus. Keep reading to see what Jack’s return might mean for the show, plus when his first episode back will be.

Jack Devereaux Returns To Days Of Our Lives

Matthew Ashford will be returning to Days Of Our Lives on Tuesday. He has played the role of Jack Devereaux on and off since 1987. His return to Salem comes nearly one year after he and his wife Jennifer Horton (played by Cady McClain) were run out of town by Xander (Paul Telfer) and Gwen (Emily O’Brien). Gwen and Xander blackmailed Jack to get him away from his newspaper, The Spectator.

Ashford’s return to Days has fans speculating about what other characters might make a comeback soon. JJ Devereaux (Casey Moss) is making a return alongside Jack. This has viewers wondering if Jack’s daughter Abby (mostly recently portrayed by Marci Miller) will come back to the show soon too.

Days Of Our Lives Matthew Ashford - YouTube/Soap Dirt
YouTube/Soap Dirt

Over the years, Abigail Devereaux has been played by a number of different actors. Marci Miller was the most recent person to portray the character on screen. Ashley Benson and Emmy award-winning actress Kate Mansi also played the part of Abby.

However, Abby was killed off on Days Of Our Lives in June 2022. At the time, Miller chastised the writing team for killing her character off, saying that there were other ways to deal with the problem.

Will Days Writers Bring Back Abby Too?

DOOL writers said that the decision to kill Abby Devereaux was made because Marci Miller chose to not renew her full-time contract. Miller said that not being available full-time wasn’t a reason to kill the character off. She said there were other ways her contract could have been handled.

Days Of Our Lives Matthew Ashford - YouTube/Days Of Our Lives Promo
YouTube/Days Of Our Lives Promo

Fans shared Miller’s feelings on the matter. Many people expressed their anger over the soap opera getting rid of Abby’s character. After all, she had been part of the show for quite some time.

Recently on Days Of Our Lives, Julie Olsen Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) and Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) have been investigating Abby’s death. Clyde Weston (James Read) shared his thoughts about Abby’s death, stating that he believed she could still be alive. On top of that, he provided details on how the investigators might be able to find her.

With Jack Devereaux’s return to Days, many viewers are hoping writers will write about Abby’s comeback as well. There is no confirmation that Marci Miller or her character Abigail will be back in Salem, but the revival of Jack’s character and the storyline point in that direction. Only time will tell.

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