Anna Cardwell’s Cancer Journey Honored With Selfless Action

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The late Anna Cardwell’s cancer journey has been honored with a very selfless action. She lost her battle with stage 4 adrenal carcinoma in early December 2023. Now, fans are going through her pain and suffering in the current season of Family Crisis. So, what just happened to keep her legacy alive? Keep reading for more details.

Anna Cardwell’s Cancer Journey Honored With Selfless Action

When Anna Cardwell was diagnosed with stage 4 adrenal carcinoma, it threw the whole family for a loop. No one knew how to process this pain as they felt she was just coming back into the fold of the family. Now, there was a strong chance she could be taken away from them in the blink of an eye. She decided she was going to live life to the fullest so she had her sister, Pumpkin throw together a wedding. Anna and her longtime boyfriend, Eldridge Toney tied the knot as she started to undergo treatments.

Eldridge Toney, Anna Cardwell-Instagram
Eldridge Toney, Anna Cardwell-Instagram

She soon lost her hair and, as viewers are now seeing, she underwent chemo but the pain returned and it was debilitating. Mama June and Pumpkin wanted Anna to get her affairs in order, mainly for her daughters, Kylee and Kaitlyn. Kylee would go with Anna’s ex-husband, Michael Cardwell but Kaitlyn’s future was up in the air. Sadly, yet understandably, mortality was not something Anna wanted to deal with. She passed and Kaitlyn stayed with Mama June while Kylee went with her dad but a custody battle ensued. In the midst of this, a selfless act has occurred.


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Mama June’s sister and Anna Cardwell’s aunt, Doe Doe Shannon, took to her Instagram to share the exciting news. Performer Bobby Hedglin-Taylor cut off and donated his hair to Wigs For Kids.

Not only that but he did it in honor of Anna which has melted Doe Doe’s heart. Additionally, she made a slideshow, starting with her and Anna, followed up by her with her girls. Then, she showed the certificate for Wigs For Kids that had Anna’s name on it. This will allow children to feel beautiful no matter what they are going through, as they should.

A Beautiful Moment

The moment that Doe Doe Shannon shared this, her followers loved what had been done in honor of Anna Cardwell. More so, they immediately headed to her comment section to share their thoughts:

  • Beautiful Anna❤️ So sad she’s gone, but was loved by many!!
  • Great 👍 job, Bobby. Mt daughter donated her hair 5 times for kids with cancer for wigs. I did it 3 times. It’s a wonderful thing to do. Rest in peace, sweet Anna

Even Bobby Hedglin-Taylor chimed in:

  • Thank you DoeDoe! It’s the least a fan of the show could do in her memory. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to grow my hair out for 3 years and share it with a child with cancer. RIP Anna

Hopefully, this will inspire more people to give their hair to help others and put it in Anna’s name if they do not know someone directly affected by cancer.

What do you think of this extremely selfless action? Finally, let us know your thoughts and watch Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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