‘90 Day Fiance’ Winter Everett Flaunts 100-LB Weight Loss In Sexy Red Swimsuit

90 Day Fiance: Winter Everett

90 Day Fiance cast member Winter Everett is ready for the summer season, as she recently flaunted her slim figure in a sexy red swimsuit.

90 Day Fiance: Winter Everett Struggled With Her Weight For Years

When she was introduced in Chantel Everett’s 90 Day Fiance storyline with Pedro Jimeno as a side character, Winter Everett was a lot heavier then than she is now. TLC viewers have watched her transform since the network first introduced her, and Winter has come a long way.

Once TLC gave this family their own spinoff with The Family Chantel, Winter stepped more into the spotlight with a more prominent role in scenes. Unfortunately, this also opened her up to far more fan scrutiny online, especially where things like her weight were concerned.

Winter Everett Youtube
Winter Everett – YouTube

TLC Celeb Documented Her Weight Loss Journey In Scenes

Winter Everett’s weight loss journey was a big part of her storyline in The Family Chantel scenes. At her heaviest, Winter clocked in at 330 pounds. So, even before considering weight loss surgery as an option, she had to drop weight on her own before ever going under the knife.

Another risk factor was, even when she successfully dropped 50 pounds on her own, she was concerned about traveling to Mexico for bariatric surgery. Not surprisingly, Chantel and Mama Karen were concerned for her and her well-being as well.

It’s always a risk anytime you have to go under the knife. However, getting this kind of surgery in another country also adds to the risk factor and overall anxiety of the situation. Still, Winter was determined to get it done and change her life for the better.

Winter Everett-Instagram
Winter Everett-Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Winter Everett Flaunts 2024 Summer Bod In Sexy Red Swimsuit

Based on the most recent updates from 90 Day Fiance celeb Winter Everett, she is all ready for the 2024 summer season. She recently shared a pic showing off her slimmer figure in a sexy red swimsuit. After dropping more than 100 pounds, she has a lot to be proud of given how far she has come.

Another aspect of this is, it’s one thing to drop weight, but, it’s another thing to keep it off once you do. This requires a tremendous amount of discipline to keep yourself from falling back into bad habits. With Winter proudly rocking her figure and soaking up the sun, she has clearly stuck to the healthy habits that got her this far, and her many followers are glad to see it.

  • One 90 Day Fiance follower said: “She is and has always been beautiful.”
  • Another TLC commenter added: “Way to go, that red swim suit looks so beautiful on you!”

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