‘90 Day Fiance’ Drew Barrymore Fans Livid After Featuring Angela Deem

90 Day Fiance: Drew Barrymore - Angela Deem

The Drew Barrymore Show fans are livid following the actress and talk show host welcoming 90 Day Fiance celeb Angela Deem as a guest. Why are fans grabbing their pitchforks and raging over this decision?

The Drew Barrymore Show A Big Hit With Viewers

Drew Barrymore has been a popular actress for decades. From starting out as a child star in the 80s to romantic comedies in the 90s and early 2000s, Drew Barrymore has been in the spotlight from the very beginning.

Even though she is already an industry heavy hitter, with countless acting credits to show for it, Drew Barrymore tapped into a completely new facet when she launched The Drew Barrymore Show back in 2020. The show has been a big hit with viewers, and they love seeing Drew interact with other celeb guests.

Drew Barrymore - YouTube - Feature
Drew Barrymore – YouTube

Drew Barrymore In Hot Water With Fans Over Angela Deem

In a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the host welcomed 90 Day Fiance celeb Angela Deem as a guest. As veteran TLC fans know, Angela is one of the most controversial cast members to ever appear in the franchise. Angela made a name for herself with her crazy antics. From the looks of it, Drew Barrymore fans were not having it.

While she was a guest on the talk show, 90 Day Fiance celeb Angela Deem opened up about a lot of things, including her tumultuous relationship with Michael Ilesanmi.

90 Day Fiance fans keeping up with current drama know that Angela and Michael split after he fled her Georgia home. However, when it came to her appearance on the show, Angela talked about happier times, including the shocking confession that, during the first two weeks she spent in Nigeria with Michael, they got busy “37 times.”

Angela Deem From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From The Drew Barrymore Show YouTube
Angela Deem From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From The Drew Barrymore Show YouTube

Drew Barrymore Fans Lose It After She Welcomes 90 Day Fiance Guest

Certainly, 90 Day Fiance fans know all about Angela Deem’s antics after watching her for years. However, The Drew Barrymore Show fans want no part of it. In fact, Drew’s fans are livid, with many saying that they will no longer tune in to her program since she brought Angela Deem on as a guest.

@deciderdotcom #drewbarrymore did not know what to think when #90dayfiance star #angeladeem told her that she and her husband Michael Ilesanmi once made love “37 times in 2 weeks.” #90dayfiancé #angelaandmichael ♬ original sound – Decider

Indeed, countless comments came through on social media, with many vowing to no longer watch The Drew Barrymore Show after this.

  • One commenter said: “LOST ALL RESPECT of the show to support an abusive woman!! not watching your show anymore!”
  • Another viewer agreed, saying: “I’m sorry…she has verbally and emotionally abused her husband on tv and she’s a guest on your show? Nee level of low.”

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Evan Morgan


  1. Certainly, she has a better group of guests to choose from. Angela Dean is the epitome of white trash with a filthy mouth.

  2. Keeping this abusive bully’s storyline going on TV is reprehensible. She’s the only one laughing at her lame tired jokes. TLC needs to fire her ass ASAP and stop rewarding her horrendous behavior. I fast forward whenever she appears on the 90 Day franchise because I can’t stand to listen to her cackle!

  3. I concur with all the other comments! She is disgusting and it’s the same old, same old….both her and Michel. Get rid of them. And she has no place being on Drew’s show. I’m shocked she’s paying and giving her airtime!!!

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