‘Y&R’ ‘B&B’ Will Victor & Sheila Team Up In CBS Crossover?

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There have been some characters in soap operas over the years that really stick with you. Victor Newman from The Young & The Restless is one of them. Now, it is possible that he’ll be teaming up with one of the most infamous baddies from The Bold & The Beautiful, Sheila Carter. Keep reading to find out what has been revealed about the upcoming Y&R and B&B crossover.

Kimberlin Brown Says She’d Love To See Sheila & Victor Together

Fans of The Young & The Restless might recall some of the more unsavory acts that Victor Newman has performed over the years. At one time, he locked up one of his enemies and fed him rats. Another person who opposed him was caged and fed nothing but Brussels sprouts. Not to mention, he released one of his enemy’s crazy exes and even replaced another rival with a lookalike drug lord.

Sheila Carter on The Bold & The Beautiful has done her fair share of meddling in people’s lives as well. She has stolen husbands and babies, shot and kidnapped people, and even used murderous bees to her advantage. Now, it is possible that this infamous baddie will team up with Victor Newman from Y&R. 

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Kimberlin Brown, who plays Sheila on B&B, spoke with Soaps.com at the Emmys recently. During her conversation with the publication, she talked about what her dream for the Y&R crossover would be. Without much thought, she said that she’d love to hook Sheila’s character up with Victor Newman.

“I think I’d be Victor Newman’s love interest [on The Young and the Restless]. That’s what I think I would do and that’s where I’d go. Between the two of us, I think we’d be unstoppable,” she said.

The Y&R Stars Have Never Crossed Paths Before

Both Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) and Kimberlin Brown have been acting on the CBS soaps for decades. Braeden has been a main character in Y&R since 1980. Brown has played roles between the two soap operas on and off since 1990. However, they’ve never been part of a major storyline together.

Recently, Victor’s main focus on The Young & The Restless has been being a thorn in Jack Abbott’s side. He’s also been jerking Nikki around breaking up and making up again. Sheila Carter, on the other hand, has become Steffy Forrester’s nightmare on The Bold & The Beautiful. There is no doubt the two baddies together during the crossover would unfold some serious drama.

Eric Braeden - YouTube/The Young And The Restless
YouTube/The Young And The Restless

Brown continued to talk about the possibility of linking up with Braeden’s character. She seems thrilled at the prospect of Sheila Carter being added to the list of Victor Newman’s wives.

“Are you kidding me?” she laughed. “He has the wealth Sheila needs to exact revenge on anyone who’s ever hurt her.”

Would you like to see Victor and Sheila team up together in the upcoming crossover between Y&R and B&B? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I wouldn’t them teaming up but not in a romantic way, but in a way that serves them both, being bad asses …

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