‘Welcome To Plathville’ Kim To Blame For Moriah’s Shocking Hair Loss?

Welcome To Plathville: Kim Plath

Welcome To Plathville fans are hotly debating the reason behind Moriah Plath’s shocking hair loss. One theory gaining some traction is that Kim Plath is to blame for it. What are viewers saying?

Welcome To Plathville: TLC Family A Hot Topic Among Fans

When you have a family like the Plath family, whether Welcome To Plathville is currently on the air or between seasons, there are always topics of interest for fans to discuss. With as many members as there are of this family, there are endless rabbit holes to go down, and endless things to theorize.

Welcome To Plathville is one of the newer shows to make it onto TLC in the last handful of years. However, when you consider how the kids were raised, and how many of them there are, there are numerous branches to debate and dissect from this Plath family tree.

Even from a TLC standpoint, the more viewers talk about this Welcome To Plathville family, the better.

Kim and Moriah Plath - Welcome To Plathville - Instagram
Kim and Moriah Plath – Welcome To Plathville – Instagram

Kim Plath To Blame For Moriah Plath’s Hair Loss?

One of the topics that comes up a lot among Welcome To Plathville fans is Moriah Plath’s hair loss. More specifically, many viewers dig deep for things that could have potentially caused it. Moriah has been open about her alopecia. However, that hasn’t stopped viewers from wanting to dig a little deeper.

One Welcome To Plathville fan theory is that, the trauma of losing her baby brother Joshua caused her alopecia. If you subscribe to this fan theory, then, it follows that Kim Plath is to blame for it, as she was the one behind the wheel in the accident that killed Joshua on the family property in 2008.

Moriah and Kim Plath - Welcome To Plathville
Moriah and Kim Plath – Welcome To Plathville

Welcome To Plathville: Is There Any Truth To This?

While this is certainly a compelling Welcome To Plathville fan theory, and one that certainly stirs the pot, many viewers don’t buy it. According to the timeline, Moriah was three years old when she lost all of her hair due to her condition. Joshua’s accident didn’t happen until a few years later.

While it’s true that emotional stress can trigger certain types of alopecia, Moriah Plath already experienced it even before her brother’s passing. It’s certainly possible that his loss worsened her symptoms. However, given the timeline of events, it’s clear that his loss was not the sole catalyst to bring on her condition. Following that logic, Kim Plath is also not directly to blame for Moriah’s condition, either.

Moriah Plath shows off a new deep dark hair color. - Instagram/Reddit
Moriah Plath shows off a new deep dark hair color. – Instagram/Reddit

Either way, fans consider Moriah Plath brave for sharing her alopecia journey and being so open about it publicly. Fans may not always agree with everything Moriah says or does, but, many stand behind her as she opens up about her condition.

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