‘Sister Wives’ Season 19 Air Date Revealed?

Tony Padron and Mykelti Brown Padron from Sister Wives, TLC, sourced from YouTube

It seems like fans are getting more clues about the upcoming Sister Wives Season 19 air date.

Things have been pretty chaotic for the Brown family over the last year, so there will be plenty of content to explore. But when can fans expect to see new episodes?

Sister Wives Season 19 Could Be Out By The End Of The Summer

As one Reddit user pointed out, Sister Wives fans will likely have more information by the end of the summer. Kody and Christine’s daughter Mykelti Brown Padron has been spilling some secrets online.

Mykelti Padron and her daughter Avalon from Instagram
Mykelti Padron/Instagram

“Mykelti says Season 19 will air in late August or early September + Tony and Mykelti are moving out of Utah,” a Redditor shared online.

They went on to say that Mykelti Padron has been discussing the Season 19 premiere in her videos. Although this season will cover the birth of her twins, it wasn’t filmed due to issues with the hospital.

“The season will include her pregnancy with the twins though as well as Christine and David dating. Other than that I am not sure what else the season will show,” the OP continued. They also added the Padrons announced they’re moving to North Carolina, most likely to be near Maddie Brush and her clan. The couple hasn’t shared many details yet, but likely will as the big move gets closer.


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Redditors Discuss Potential Storylines For Season 19

Of course, Sister Wives fans are anxiously anticipating the upcoming season. There have been so many massive changes over the past year in the lives of the Brown family. Kody and Robyn Brown now live as a monogamous couple.

And as many sadly recall, Garrison Brown took his life in March. It’s a heartbreaking topic, but insiders already confirmed his death will be a storyline in Sister Wives Season 19.

Other Reddit users had plenty to say about the OP’s post. They wrote:

  • It still kills me how far behind real time this show is. We had a Christine wedding special already, and now they’re going to show her dating her now husband that we watched her marry? So dumb.”
  • I’m totally fine if we never have to watch a Brown child giving birth ever again!”
  • It kind of screams ‘spin off’ to me. What choice do they have if the show continues? It can’t be the same format or follow the same conflict. Well, it could, but that would be hard to stomach. I’m imagining a more ‘wholesome’ spin off, which this could be for them.”
  • I wonder if Janelle will end up moving to NC, too. It seems like things have changed since Garrison’s passing.”

As anyone can plainly see, there is no shortage of avenues to explore when Sister Wives Season 19 premieres.

What are you expecting from Season 19? Share your own thoughts and opinions in te comments. Follow TV Shows Ace online to keep up with the Brown family and see what they’re up to next.

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  1. I sure hope kodyand sobyn are not on there. I would love to see what all the kids are doing. I really don’t care about sobyns kids, but the other I love to watch

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