‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Shares Private Moment With David

Christine Brown - Instagram

Recently, Sister Wives star, Christine Brown, shares a private moment with her husband, David Woolley. While the sweet newlyweds are thoroughly enjoying each other’s company, Christine is very open about the process it has taken her to get where they are.

Christine Brown Is On A Restorative Journey

While the past several seasons of Sister Wives showed that Christine Brown was increasingly more and more unhappy, she is finding her path back to joy. Although the journey has been riddled with stressors and missteps, Christine hasn’t given up. Undeniably, Christine is thankful for her time with Kody Brown even though it was difficult. Without the plural marriage, she wouldn’t have her beautiful six children which she adores. However, it was becoming unhealthy for both Christine and Kody to remain in a relationship with so much bitterness. Once Christine left, she was able to deconstruct some of her prior beliefs. Furthermore, for the first time, she was able to think for herself. But her restorative journey has led her to her new husband, David Woolley, who is helping her heal and embrace newfound joy with a companion.

Christine Brown and David Woolley - Instagram
Christine Brown and David Woolley – Instagram

Christine Brown Shares Private Moment With David Woolley

On Christine Brown’s Instagram page, she shared a private moment between her and her husband, David Woolley. As she and David sit next to one another and stare at a beautiful sunset, she takes a minute to reflect. She captions: “Every step of my journey brought me here. Watching the sunset with my forever love, grateful for every moment that led us to this beautiful beginning. 💍🌅 #NewlyMarried #SunsetViews #GratefulHeart.” Undeniably, Christine seems more at peace than she has for years. Although 2024 has already come with some sadness, she can be resilient and keep moving with gorgeous breaths of beauty along the way.

Christine Brown and David Woolley are soaking in life's beauty. - Instagram
Christine Brown and David Woolley are soaking in life’s beauty. – Instagram

Fans Respond

After Christine Brown posts the precious moment between her and her forever love, Sister Wives’ fans weigh in.

  • “Look at the mountain 😍.”
  • “Your hair is beautiful, I keep looking at sunset then back to your hair 😍.”
  • “I love seeing you living your best life.”
  • “I’m so happy you found happiness. ❤️ You and Janelle are my faves.”
  • “You are deserving. So deserving of everything your heart desires ❤️❤️❤️.”
  • “Happy to see you enjoying your life…wishing that the best is yet to come!!!”
  • “I mean, what an amazing photo.”
  • “I have never been happier for a stranger in my whole life. You deserve all the love and respect David gives you ❤️.”
She shares a sweet moment with David Woolley. - Instagram
Christine Brown shares a sweet moment with David Woolley. – Instagram

What do you think about Christine Brown and David Woolley’s sweet, private moment? Do you think Christine is healing from her past? Are you ready to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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